Tips for choosing a wedding photographer

Tips for choosing a wedding photographer

We’ve heard this again and again from many brides: “Get the best wedding photographer you can afford.” If you’ve got a limited budget, then save on wedding invitations or flower arrangements—these details aren’t absolutely crucial to the experience. But years from now, your wedding photos will be your most cherished keepsakes, and you want someone with the experience and skill to capture those beautiful memories for you. Here are tips on how to choose the best wedding photographer for your budget.

Check his experience

Are you hiring a professional wedding photographer? How many other weddings has he done? Ask to see samples of his work. Consider your own specific needs: “Have you done any other garden weddings?” Or, “I have a really large guest list. Can I see your work for weddings with 200 guests or more?”

Check his style of wedding photography

All photographers have their unique style. Some are really good with candid shots, others are amazing at mood shots with artful lighting and sepia tones, while there are those that specialize in outdoor weddings, formal portraiture, or an “artsy” film vibe. Compare different styles and figure out what you want for yourself. Do you want colored photos or mix of those and black and white? Do you want a photojournalism effect, or do you prefer classic posed portraits?

Ask who will be there at the wedding

You might book a hotshot photographer only to find out that he’ll just send his assistant to the wedding. Never assume—ask upfront who will handle the wedding, if he will bring assistants to help him take shots, etc. And if he’s sending someone, insist that you see samples of his work.

Ask about package costs

Does the package include prints? Will you be able to get digital copies or do you need to pay separately for reprints? What about digital retouching—will he do it for free or are there additional charges? Do you get a free album?

Negotiate for what you want

While most photographers will have set packages see if you can customize it according to your needs. For example, can you get a lower price If you order 3 sets of albums (like if you want to give one to you and your groom’s parents). Or maybe you don’t want a framed bridal portrait, and would like to exchange that for more prints.