Why not have a punk rock wedding

Why not have a punk rock wedding?

why not have a punk rock wedding?

Does the thought of a conventional wedding turn your stomach? Despite what the magazine covers might have to say, you don’t have to look a certain way to enjoy a perfect wedding day. In fact, weddings are the best when they celebrate the two people getting married–and if you’re a punk rocker in your heart, then your marriage should reflect your style unapologetically.

The Look

What is it about punk rock that appeals to you specifically? Do you love the music? The fashion? Does the whole idea just get your scofflaw side buzzing? Take the parts that really scream “you” and combine them to form a unique wedding theme. If punk rock’s DIY aesthetic appeals to you, get down and dirty with your own touches like button bouquets. If you and your sweetheart share a morbid aesthetic, add some Dia de los Muertos inspiration with colorful skull décor. If you can’t imagine strutting down the aisle without a pair of cherry-red bordello shoes (or scuffed army boots, for that matter), do it! Punk rock style isn’t about apologies.

Your dessert table is the perfect place to display your take-no-prisoners sensibilities in a way all your guests can get behind. Get wild with fishnet or leopard print icing and tattoo-inspired designs on your wedding cupcakes. And for the filling? Nothing but red velvet will do.

The Tunes

The best part about a punk rock wedding is, of course: punk rock music! If you’re a true devotee, you’ve probably had your favorite wedding songs picked out ever since your first crush. However, if you need a running start to jog the gears, consider these songs for an unforgettable first dance.

“I Want You Around” by the Ramones: What could be better lyrics for a wedding than, “They’re telling us they’re gonna make a fuss about the two of us. I want you around.” As you dance to this song, enjoy being the star of your wedding day. After all, everyone is making a fuss about the two of you! You may be up to “no good,” but as long as you treat each other well you’ll have a happy marriage. Get your guests to sing along.

“Punk Rock Girl” by the Dead Milkmen: The quintessential song celebrating a devil-may-care relationship, this catchy tune is perfect for a spin around the dance floor. “We’ll travel ’round the world, just you and me, punk rock girl.” The imagery in the song also makes for some wedding theme inspiration–like a fudge-banana swirl layer on the wedding cake and a bridal dress inspired by Minnie Pearl. Just don’t drive away in a stolen car!

“Let It Be Me” by Social Distortion: While this song does contain some questionable wedding lyrics about friends and relatives poopooing the relationship, it’s also got a romantic chorus to stick in their heads. Straight from the heart, lyrics like, “Let it be me, if you’re lonely. Let it be me, your one and only. Let it be me, to satisfy you. Let it be me, if you’re feelin’ blue” will remind even the most staunchly old-fashioned of your relatives that behind your stylish wedding theme lies a celebration of true love.

“I Have a Date” by the Vandals: If this song doesn’t get stuck in your head as you prepare yourself for your wedding day, nothing will. “I never dreamed it would come to this. I drove her home and she gave me a kiss. I’m in love and it’s here to stay. She said she really wants to see me again.” After all, your wedding is the most momentous date in your relationship–you’d better be excited about it!

“Punk Love” by the Magnetic Fields: Short and simple as they come, this song is a tribute to punk rock love. In fact, its lyrics are: “Punk rock love, punk love, punk love.” If you want a quick theme song to accompany your first kiss, this is it! It’s lighthearted enough to make all your guests–even the ones with no safety pins through their ears–smile and tap their toes.

Be Yourself

Your grandparents may not understand your decision to have a punk rock wedding theme (or then again, maybe they’ll be the ones trying to convince your parents how awesome it is). But that’s no reason you shouldn’t have the celebration you want. Whether you spike your hair in a two-foot-tall mohawk or shave it off completely, remember that your wedding day is a great chance  to be your true self. Focus on your love, and invite your nearest and dearest to focus on it with you–regardless of what music they like.