Planning an engagement partyPlanning an engagement party

Giving the gift of engagement: Planning an engagement party

Engagement parties are like the opening ceremonies at the Olympics – they set the stage for the wedding, announce a couple’s engagement, and are a terrific way for two families to get to know one another.

Just about anyone close to the couple can host the engagement party. Party etiquette varies from family to family, couple to couple. It’s most important to eat, drink, and be merry!

1. Eat. Food fuels your guests and can set the tone for the party. If the engagement party is being hosted in someone’s home, give some thought to either pot-lucking it or hiring a catering company.

2. Drink. Serving wine, beer, or soda at the party is a great idea because guests can help themselves. If you are planning on having a fully stocked bar, hire a bartender to tend to guests.

3. Be merry! It’s time to celebrate the engagement! Hire a DJ, a band, or simply play some music and get your guests grooving. Plan some games to help people get to know each other. Laugh. Talk. Raise your glasses to the newly engaged couple as a family.

However, one thing is for sure – engagement gifts have never been obligatory! Let your guests decide if they would like to bring a congratulatory gift to celebrate your engagement, and for crying out loud don’t open gifts in front of everyone. Engagement parties can be fun, intimate affairs that bring two families together and set the stage for your upcoming nuptials.