How To Lose the Weight Before the Big Date

How To Lose the Weight Before the Big Date

Weight loss tips for the bride-to-be

If you’re like most brides, you wouldn’t mind shaping up a bit for your wedding photos. Maybe you’ve flirted with the idea of buying a dress in a smaller size to give yourself more incentive. Maybe, with only two months to go, you’re just now joining a gym and hoping for a miracle. Whether you’ve got a lofty weight loss goal in mind or you just want to firm up the finishing touches, it’s important to approach pre-wedding weight loss in an intelligent way. Don’t let your good behavior backfire!

Give Your Hunger the Snack Test

When you’re depriving yourself with a special goal in mind, it’s easy to get so hungry you lose all control around snack foods. Resist the urge to splurge, however. You’re not doing yourself any favors by skipping meals only to gorge on potato chips later. Snacking on small, healthy portions between meals can satisfy your hunger and give you the self control you need to pass on the less healthy items. 

Give your self control a break by keeping your pantry, car, and desk fully stocked with healthy snacks. Raw, whole fruits like apples, pears, and bananas can be carried with you the whole day without needing refrigeration. If you’re not tempted to eat the healthy stuff first, then you know you’re not actually that hungry.

Skip Unhealthy Rewards

If you’re not in the habit of exercising regularly and eating well, it can be tempting to “reward” yourself after you’ve stuck to your new regime for a whole day. But that’s a dangerous line of thinking. Unwinding with two glasses of wine in the evening undoes (calorie-wise, at least) an hour on an exercise bike, on average. One medium-sized chocolate chip cookie undoes a few walks around the block. Make sure your incentive rewards aren’t just undoing all of your progress along the way.

Along the same lines, it’s tempting to look at your wedding as the “finish line.” But once you’ve put all of the hard work into getting yourself into beautiful shape, don’t just undo it during the honeymoon. Look at your wedding as the springboard into a healthier lifestyle–a wedding gift you give yourself. It’s much easier to maintain a healthy weight than to struggle back towards it all over again.

Slip Exercise Into the Cracks

It’s easy to fill your schedule with wedding planning madness. Factor in a full-time job and social life, and you wonder how anyone ever has the time to get in shape. However, even the most jam-packed schedule still has room for healthy habits–leaving you no excuse not to get in shape.

Whenever possible, as you navigate the world, take the path of most resistance. Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Walk or bike around town instead of driving. Do some arm lifts as you carry your grocery bags out of the store. Do sit-ups while you watch TV. Do leg lifts as you brush your teeth. There’s no reason exercise has to happen inside of a gym. Even if you feel like the small gestures don’t add up to much, think about how much more you’re exercising than if you didn’t do anything at all. 

Cut Just One Thing Cold Turkey

Let’s face it: despite your best intentions, it’s not realistic to think that you’re going to change all of your lifestyle habits in one go. Instead, pick one thing to quit cold turkey. Choose it not only by the amount of calories it contributes to your day, but by how realistically you think you can cut it out of your life without feeling deprived. 

One likely contender is dessert. Eat full, satisfying meals, and you won’t feel as deprived when saying no to an additional slice of chocolate cheesecake. Another prime contender is alcohol. If you’d like to cut down on drinking anyway, wedding weight loss is the perfect excuse. Non-water beverages are another prime suspect when it comes to cutting out calories. Water is hydrating and satisfying, and it even helps you to feel more satisfied after meals. (If you want to spice it up, add a tea bag.) Concentrate on skipping just one source of extra calories consistently and you won’t feel too resentful or tempted to splurge.

Remember, losing weight is most effective when it becomes a comfortable part of your lifestyle. Changing anything too quickly or unrealistically doesn’t result in drastic weight loss. More often, trying to change too much too fast only results in failure and disappointment. Instead of rushing to fill the remaining time before your wedding with an Olympic-level routine of physical training and starvation, just focus on changing small, easily sustainable aspects of your daily life.

Once you’ve become comfortable with your improved routine, you can add new goals later. That way, your wedding date won’t seem like a stressful deadline. It will just become an occasion to enrich your life in more ways than one.