Mother of the Bride Dresses for Summer

Mother of the Bride Dresses for Summer

Summer weddings can be tricky for moms getting ready for a wedding. Do they stick with a more traditional, elegant, long dress? Or go for a cool, summery, shorter dress? Can a jacket still be worn? What colors are best for a summer wedding? Well, I am here to tell you that there are many different options for summer weddings, and some of them you may never have thought of or seriously considered.

Let’s start with color. It goes without saying that a mother of the bride should never, under any circumstance, wear white to her daughters’ wedding. Not only is it tacky, you should never think of taking the spotlight away from the bride. It is her special day, not yours! The second problem comes with black. While black is becoming more acceptable for wedding parties, it may still be a source of gossip for certain people in the crowd.

Black used to be a color that was only worn by the mother of the bride if the mother did not approve of the marriage, so be cautious if black is the color you choose. In regards to other colors, try to find something that compliments the rest of the wedding party. Go with a darker or lighter shade of what the bridesmaids are wearing. If they are already wearing different shades of the same color, go with a contrasting color, but make sure it is still appropriate and not too shocking.

Now, for style. Style can be tricky, with many wondering whether they should go long or short for a summer wedding. In many cases, the style of the dress may depend on whether you are having a formal evening affair or a casual early afternoon party. Here is a list of various summer styles for moms of every type.

1. The Traditional Mom

For the traditional mom, a skirted suit paired with an elbow length bolero jacket might be a good option for a summer wedding. The classic Jackie-O style works for many women and can be used easily for both afternoon and nighttime weddings. Add a bow to the waist to give it a more modern look.

2. The Bohemian Mom

If your mom is a free spirit and you are having a casual beachy wedding, the boho look might be perfect. Pick a dress made from a flowy fabric like chiffon, pair it with an empire waist, and you are bound to look beautiful without taking attention away from the bride. It can be either long or short, as the fabric is light and flowy enough to dispel the notion of being overdresses.

3. The Dancing Diva Mom

The mom who is out on the floor dancing all night should definitely look for a dress that will show off her fun personality. By choosing a dress that is knee length and made of a flowy fabric, mom will do just that. A bright color such as fuschia, turquoise, or yellow will show off just how fun mom can be!

4. The Casual Mom

If you want to go super casual for the big day, a simple knee length dress in a complimentary color will suffice. This is probably best for a beach wedding, but definitely not an evening affair. You can spice up the look with extravagant jewelry or some amazing shoes.

5. The Black Tie Mom

If you are having a black tie affair during the summer, finding an amazing dress can be tricky. A tip: go for some color. Long taffeta gowns are amazing for formal weddings, but you can make it a bit more summery with the color. Purples and blues are good options, as well as a red or pink.

Ultimately, the dress the mother of the bride chooses to wear for her daughters big summer day should depend on 3 things:

1. What her daughter thinks. It is her day, she should get an opinion.

2. What the color scheme. The dress should compliment the overall color scheme without being too matched or too off the wall. And keep in mind, bright colors are great for summer weddings!

3. Time of day. Whether the wedding is during the early afternoon or he evening could make a big difference as to what kind of dress to wear.