Role and Responsibilities of the Mother of the Bride

Role and Responsibilities of the Mother of the Bride

The mother of the bride has several responsibilities. The exact role and duties have changed significantly over the years. In the past, mothers of the bride got their own dreams realized in the process of wedding planning. Nowadays young girls are more independent and have their own plans for their wedding, which can differ widely from those envisioned by parents. You can play your role with style and ease by going through the tips given below.

You as the mother of the bride (MOTB) must don the role of a cheerleader and the person who offers constant support for your daughter until the end of the function. You must also assist your daughter in finding the perfect dress or gown which will accentuate her looks as well as other wedding accessories. You should try to locate the perfect wedding and reception locations. This is very important especially if the wedding is to be conducted in your home town and not the groom’s. Another important duty as the MOTB is to meet the groom’s parents if you have not already done so.

You have to select your own dress for the wedding as well, and then let the groom’s mother know what you have selected. If possible, you can send her pictures of the dresses you have selected. This way she can select a dress that will compliment yours.

Taking up wedding planning after consulting with your daughter and her fiance is important too. You must indicate to your daughter what you will be paying for and the total number of guests that will be invited for the function. You must create a guest list for your side of the family. You can also call your relatives and find out about guests who may be late in RSVPing. Other primary duties involve arranging hotel accommodations for guests who may be arriving from elsewhere to attend the function.

You must play the role of the hostess at the wedding and reception and ensure that guests are comfortable. You must also, if possible, accompany your daughter down the aisle and help her with any details she asks you to perform.

As the mother of the bride, you may also help your daughter decide on the wedding menu, seat the reception guests and arrange for invitations, thank you notes and stationery items. You must be able to coordinate with the caterer, florist, wedding director and others to ensure that things are proceeding as per the specific plan. And last but not least, you must see that you do everything in your capacity to help make her wedding day go smoothly, without any kind of hassle.