A skin care routine is essential in preparation for your wedding

A skin care routine is essential in preparation for your wedding

Wedding skin care is essential if you want to look your best on the big day. Not only your face, neck, and hands will be on show but perhaps your shoulders, back, legs and feet. And of course you want to be perfectly groomed for your groom!

Get into the habit of looking after your face and body on a regular basis, using good  products (not necessarily expensive ones) as soon as you can before your wedding. Do not leave it until the last minute – or even last month!

Your skin is the largest organ in your body so make sure yours is in great condition for your wedding and honeymoon.

Think of your face as your shop window. The condition of your skin and the sparkle in your eyes, as well as your expression, all tell people how happy and healthy you are. 

The skin on the rest of your body needs care and attention as well and many problems that may affect your face (like breakouts) can also affect your body and can be treated in the same way.

Your hands are used to express yourself and they attract a great deal of attention. When you are showing off your engagement and wedding rings, you want your hands to look their best. 

Your feet will bear all the stresses and strains of a busy wedding day so they too need protection and care, or their aches and pains will show in your face!

Get into the habit of looking after your skin

We are lucky that so many good skin care products are available today, so that we can give our skin the care it deserves quickly and easily, however busy our lives. However, no  product can work miracles overnight. 

We can use a good makeup product to camouflage the odd disaster on the day, but to get and keep your skin in its best condition you need to start now.

Start now because, just like your heart or lungs, your skin is a living organ and regular care and attention  will pay dividends in the long term. (and we’re not just talking your wedding day here but life thereafter!)

That first month of wedding skin care is so important

Because of its structure, it takes around 30 days of caring for your skin every day before you notice a difference – so you can see how important it is to get hooked into a skin care routine now. 

Also, once you do something for 30 days, it will be much easier to keep on doing it – because by then it has become a habit. 

So what do you need to do?

  • Face – a home facial routine will give you celebrity skin!
  • Hands – give them daily attention and manicure your nails regularly
  • Feet – don’t neglect your feet – they deserve regular treats and a regular pedicure too
  • Body – back and shoulders, elbows, legs and knees all need looking after as well