Springtime Weddings and Lurking Dangers

Springtime Weddings and Lurking Dangers

The weather’s warming up, and you know what that means: spring is just around the corner. Not only will there be birdsong and blossoms aplenty, but emerging alongside the first flowers and cute critters of spring are dewy-eyed couples planning spring weddings. If you mean to tie the knot amid fresh green leaves and just-opened roses, take heed; there are a few dangers lurking beneath the season’s pastel exterior.

Rainy Days

Beware those famous “April showers” which, contrary to their name, can strike in any springtime month. While downpours are necessary for the beautiful flowers you crave, they’re not always possible to predict. Even if your wedding date lands on a day when the weather forecast promises sun, it’s still helpful to have a contingency plan

Look for venues that have both indoor and outdoor options, such as gardens with large covered areas. If you want to keep the feeling of being outdoors without the risk of rain, look for venues with large windows that can be opened or shut at a moment’s notice. 

If your venue doesn’t already have good indoor options, you can create some. Party rentals and tents are your friends in this case. Look for large, open tents that can accommodate your guests and then some; after all, you want to give everyone room to socialize and dance! 

If you and your partner have your hearts absolutely set on a springtime wedding under the open sky, realize that rain doesn’t have to ruin the day. There are still plenty of ways to turn a rainy day into a romantic one, and most of them begin with a good attitude. Try to choose fabrics and hairdos that won’t get ruined with a little water, and advise your guests to do the same. Invest in some underwater camera casings to keep your wedding well-documented. Rain can bring out a silly, adventurous streak in people and you’re not going to want to miss a single shot!

Muddy Patches

Even if you manage to avoid rain on your wedding day itself, the wet springtime weather can still leave its mark. Visit or check in with your venue on the day before your wedding to make sure that the ground isn’t too muddy. If frequent rains have turned the lawn into a bog, ask your venue’s management what plans they have to fix it. You may still want to switch to the indoor portion of your venue even if you missed the rainstorm itself.

If there’s no way around a muddy area, lay down a hard surface (like a few sheets of plywood or even carpet) so guests of limited mobility can have a safe path to your wedding. If it’s fashion you’re worried about, treat yourself and your wedding party to a few matching pairs of galoshes. Pick out cute ones they’re sure to wear again, and you’ll have taken care of your thank-you gifts as well!

Buzzing Insects

Don’t forget springtime bugs! With the warm, wet weather the season offers, buzzing guests are often in a hurry to crash your wedding. Light citronella candles (yes, even during the daytime) to ward uninvited insects away, and keep your ceremony away from wet, freshwater areas, such as lakes or rivers, if possible. Timing also plays a large part in avoiding bugs, so plan for your party to retreat indoors well before twilight (or to not emerge until it’s truly dark). Remember to keep all food and drink stations covered, as the wafting aroma can act as an invitation to bees from miles around.

If you’re using a critter release (such as doves, butterflies, ladybugs, or fireflies) as part of your ceremony, do not use bug repellent spray anywhere near your ceremony site. Even though you may have to contend with a few flies, it’s better than watching your symbols of hope fall to the ground in a depressing pile. Check with your venue to make sure it does not spray pesticides, as well.

Don’t Get Worried; Get Prepared!

Despite the inconveniences springtime offers, the season is also a time for renewal, hope, and growth–and that makes it a perfect time for weddings. The best defense against spring dangers is careful forethought and planning. If you’ve already considered rain, mud, and bugs, and you have some contingency plans in mind, you’re one step ahead of all the other brides and grooms who don’t. Prepare for your wedding day with open eyes; that way, you can close them with bliss when you lean in for the kiss.