The start of the gardening journey

A new garden and the start of a gardening journey

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Welcome to the first post on my new website. It truly is the start of a gardening journey. The photo above is of my new garden which I want to radically change into something that is special to me, a place of nature and peace.

We have all had it tough through Covid, some much more than others. Like a lot of people, Covid has forced me to reflect on what is important to me and also, what is not.

I am by nature an introvert (though my job does not allow it), and I find this constant fight between wanting to be ‘me’ and being ‘me’ as others see me exhausting. I prefer to be the observer rather than the observed and if I had had the chance, my dream job would have been as a wildlife photographer in the middle of pretty much nowhere, with just myself and my surroundings for my company.

Some of my favourite places have been the Brecon Beacons in South Wales at 3am on a mid summers morning. Cold enough to appreciate my sleeping bag, despite the machine gun strapped to my leg for security.

Even in at that time, at the height of summer, there would be just enough light in the sky to study the hulking shapes of the mountains as they surround me.

Another time, another place and it is the windswept bleakness of Dungeness in autumn. Listening to the roar and crackle of the waves as they chew at the pebble beach, dragging back with them a few more pebbles, reward for lunging forward and throwing themselves onto the shingle bank, trying to batter it into submission and ultimately making it theirs.

abandoned fishing boat dungeness
abandoned fishing boat dungeness

This is me, not manicured lawns and tooth combed borders, neatness and dullness personified. I want a place where nature, like me, can safely creep in, using the border for safety and edging forward one step at a time.

This garden, luckily for me, backs onto fields which will probably be developed, but even then there is a buffer strip behind the hedge. a 10 metre wide abandoned scrubland of bramble and dog roses, crab apples and larch.

The start of the gardening journey
The view of the garden showing the buffer zone and fields beyond

This will be the gateway for wildlife into my garden, which overtime will change shape and existence, to become a safe and welcoming environment for all.

I will never be that wildlife photographer but at least I can try to bring it a bit closer to me and into my suburban, post covid life.