Clever DIY Garden Pathway Ideas

Clever DIY Garden Pathway Ideas

Every garden has pathways and besides the fact that they are very practical, they can also be very interesting. A garden that has no pathways may seem unfinished and this can affect its overall design. Therefore, in order to create some well-designed paths that will give your garden a unique charm, you need some clever garden pathway ideas. Read the article below and you will surely find some interesting suggestions that will help you give your garden a new look.

Patterned Brick Path

For this type of path, you have to choose some colored bricks and a pattern that will work best for your pathway. The idea is durable and practical and it will instantly catch everyone’s attention as it will be the centerpiece of the garden. Also, you can pick a straight or a curved layout with a mosaic pattern or even some aged bricks. It depends on how simple or complex do you want the path to be.

Painted Pavers Path

If you already have a concrete path or you just want to redesign your old one, then this idea may be the best for you. Look for special paint that won’t get washed away by the rain and choose a design that will fit your garden. As a tip, you can first draw out the design on paper and then transfer it on the pavers. You will see that it will ease you work a lot.

Stepping Stone Path

In case you have a small space or you just want a path that can lead you to a certain place, such as an arbor or a bench, or a bed of flowers, then the stepping stone path can be very useful for you. All you have to do is to lay out the path, cut the stones and dig holes for them. Also, in order to avoid the stones from shifting, a good idea is to fill the gap created around them with sand. You will see that this path will look incredibly well in your garden.

Wood Log Path

This path may seem a very demanding project, but it isn’t. Once started, you will see that all you need is some spare time, some logs and a chainsaw. The logs have to be sliced into 2 inches pieces and then pressed into the ground. This design is definitely a unique one and it will give you the impression that you walk toward a secret garden.

Sea-Themed Stones Path

This is a perfect path for those who have a seashell collection. Start by choosing your favorite shells and arrange them in a circular tube placed on a piece of plywood. Then add the cement into the forms and over the shells and let it cure. Then remove the tubes and you will have some amazing sea-themed stones.