sump pump battery

How many Hours does a Sump Pump Battery Backup Last?

According to several home inspectors, most homes have problems with a flooded basement. It’s quite difficult to deal with this problem which can lead to mold, mildew and bacteria growth. The sump pump is a small pump installed to remove water from a water collecting sump basin. It is designed to keep the surface under the building dry and prevent it from flooding.

Sump pump types

Usually, the sump pumps have a lot of components and they come in different shapes and sizes. Although some of the latest models are equipped with plenty of interesting features, before making a purchase you need to consider several things. First of all, you need to decide whether you need a submersible or pedestal pump. More than that, you need to choose between a manual or an automatic model.

Additionally, take into account the pressure switch or float valve, the head pressure and the power source. Keep in mind that some pumps have the motor suspended above the pit while others have the motor place inside. As compared to others, the pedestal pumps are not hovering above the pit. It’s true that they require more maintenance and repair, but they still look good as compared to other similar devices. In what regards the submersible pumps, you need to have nerves of steel because they are difficult to reach. They are hard to install and require extra maintenance which takes extra time.

The manual sump pumps are very easy to use and install. You just have to turn it on. However, the main disadvantage of using this pump is that it cannot be used if you are not there. If you are looking to purchase an automatic pump, pay attention to how the pump is triggered. In what regards the float valves and pressure switches pumps it is important to know that they are triggered by water depth.

As compared to the float valves, the pressure switches cannot be adjusted and enclosed. Also, they are not affected by small trash like the float valves. Above we mentioned that there are plenty of things to consider when buying a sump pump and the heard pressure is one of them. Its main purpose is to announce you how high can a pump push the water. It has the ability to measure the height of the pump from the base of the basin.

Sump Pump Battery

Another thing to consider and perhaps the most important factor is the power source. If you are looking to purchase a new pump, it’s important to know how is it powered. Therefore, you should know that you have 2 choices, such as the battery backups and the main line power. The batteries can last several hours, but even in this case, there are a few things to consider.

The type of pump you already have helps you determine the type of battery you need. Usually, the batteries used for these devices can run off of AC/DC or DC current. You just have to choose whether you want marine batteries or traditional batteries. The marine batteries come fully sealed and ready to be used. They do not require extra maintenance and are very easy to install.

That’s why they are considered the most popular type of battery out there. On the other hand, the traditional batteries require maintenance. These acid batteries can be installed until the next maintenance when the water level is full.

The quality batteries are made to last several hours as the backup when the power goes out. When choosing the battery for your pump, make sure you use the larger sized battery so you gain a longer emergency pumping time. For optimum backup sump pump operation, opt for a “deep cycle” battery, these types of batteries will provide enough power for the longest possible period. When it comes to maximum possible battery capacity, it’s important to know that a 200Ah battery can operate for 20 hours.

Sump Pump Summary:

  • The pumps are hardwired to the house’s power source.
  • The batteries can be used with a backup pump for maximum protection.
  • The batteries and backup pumps can be used after the main source of power go off.
  • Some pumps operate with batteries while others use the power current so they can operate while the lights are still on.
  • The batteries are powered by AC/DC or DC current. This depends on the type of pump in use.