children playing outside

How To Keep Children Active with Outdoor Toys

Some so-called experts suggest that children need an hour of physical action each and every day to keep them fit and healthy but also, for their physical development. You may think that your children are already over energetic, but you still might have to deprive them of their games machines for a few minutes, to get them moving.

Although you should have managed to have got them outside even during the colder months, now spring is here and summer is on its way, that task can become so much easier. Where you’ve invested in playhouses for the children or a variety of outdoor toys, you’ll be well on the way to finding ways to encourage them to play outside in the fresh air.

All kids love sand

It’s true, children love playing in sand, whether it’s at the beach, when you’re building a garage at home or in their own purpose bought sandpit; sand is always an attractive outdoor toy.

Some sandpits allow children to sit around the edges of their games area. This allows them to have easy access to the sand to play in, but also to run off and chase friends just seconds later.

When you look at purchasing outside toys like sandpits, you should make sure that first-class timber is used in the construction of the sandpit and that the sand itself is kept within a protective area so that it doesn’t attract damp from poor weather and a range of garden pests. Some larger garden animals might treat the sandpit is a toilet, so it does need covering at all times when your children are not playing in it.

A good quality cover underneath the sandpit will make sure that weeds won’t grow straight away and through into the sand. The sand itself can be purchased separately from the sandpit and a number of DIY stores online and off-line are able to put supply sand that has been specifically designed to be safe for children and is marked as such.

Making the most of the seesaw

A good quality seesaw is a great garden toy for most children and they can spend hours going up and down in their outside toys playing with friends and neighbours.

It will be worth increasing your budget if you cannot find a high quality seesaw for your children to use as a garden toy. The very much cheaper models won’t have the strength and structure to last a long time. Your children need comfortable seats and easy grip facilities, but they wouldn’t want to get caught in a seesaw that collapses or breaks.

What about a Playhouse?

Perhaps the ultimate outdoor toy which will keep children active is the purchase of a wooden playhouse as your children’s private den or garden building, although this may come at an additional cost.

Playhouses are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles. Some are single-storey buildings, while others can be two stories high. Some playhouses are built on stilts and give the effect that your children are able to play in what is the equivalent of a tree-house, without all of the inherent dangers.

You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds on playhouses and outdoor toys so that your children can have a great active time in the fresh air, in your garden. A few can go a long way and when that is coupled with your children’s imagination, it’s amazing how many games, often with specific rules, can be dreamed up in such a short space of time.