Tuscan Garden Decors

Tuscan gardens are known for their serene beauty, being a unique combination of classic beauty and modern inspiration. Mediterranean gardens became more and more popular for people around the world, and many of them want to bring the Tuscan feel into their gardens. T

his style can easily be brought even in a small backyard, you just have to look for the best garden decor ideas. Here you can find some design ideas that will transform your garden into a Tuscany decor.


The Tuscan gardens have specific trees and plants such as Cypress trees, Olive trees, citrus trees, and berry plants. Also, you may plant brightly colored flowers that have red, orange and yellow colors. Contrasting dark and light green is another great combination that will give your garden a remarkable look. As a tip, you may consider using different plants and place them in groups around the garden.

Mediterranean-style fountain

Tuscan gardens are known for the Mediterranean-style fountain placed in the center point of the garden. For a great effect, you can place around the garden statues and pots that match in color and style.


Add pathways in your garden and use concrete, which is the most versatile material and it also has many options for texture and color. In addition, terra cotta tiles are among the popular items used in Tuscan gardens. In case you already have a walkway, use resurfacing techniques to make an outstanding garden. Tuscan gardens usually have all sorts of pathways that lead to different places in the garden.


Hedges are an integrated part of any Tuscan garden. They are usually made from bay laurel, Rosemary and box wood or tall shade trees made up of evergreen oaks and dividing shrubs such as Arbutus, Laurus or Rosmarinus.

Recycled Decorations

Since the Tuscan theme has a classical touch, you don’t need to buy all sorts of decorations. Broken pots, rustic or old vase-shaped planters are wonderful accessories for a Tuscan garden.


The furniture incorporates materials such as wrought iron, wood, and marble, and they all have neat, uncomplicated lines. You can easily place in the garden a small table and some bistro style chairs and you can use fabrics in warm colors. Add a Tuscany style umbrella and you will see how your garden will get the look you’ve been looking for.