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Organic Gardening for Beginners

Finding information on gardening for beginners may not be easy to do.   However this might be a place to help you, particularly if your aim is to set up and garden organically.  There’s no reason not to try it – it’s just as simple as any other way and has so many benefits.

Just think –  if you are able to grow herbs and vegetables in your garden,  you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that no  poisonous pesticides have been used anywhere near them. You can enjoy your own home grown food and not worry about what unpleasant things might have happened to it.

Easy Organic Herb Gardening for Beginners

Herbs, actually, are among the easiest plants to grow.  It’s a very good idea to plant some herbs when you are beginning your gardening.  They will do well in a sunny spot in the garden, or grown in containers outside, and you can even grow herbs on an indoor windowsill.

Most herbs are small enough to do this, and you won’t need to grow an awful lot of them since only small quantities are used in cooking. How rewarding it will be to taste your own home grown organic herbs in the food prepared in your kitchen!

First of all you will need to prepare your earth by digging it by hand or using a machine. If you are working on land that is overgrown and not previously used as a garden you will probably need to hire a machine. Otherwise, start in a small way by digging a manageable area.

Planting is the next thing. It’s important to choose the right plants for the season. At most times of the year there is  something that should be planted. Select those plants whose colours or fruits you will enjoy, and don’t plant them too closely together.

If your house already had a garden when you took over, the first thing is try to identify all the plants that are already there.  Draw an outline plan of your garden and write down all of the names and positions of the plants.

If you don’t recognise some, look up some pictures of popular garden plants and also common weeds. Then it’s time for you pull out anything that is clearly a weed.

In your first year in your new garden, it may be an idea to wait and see what comes up.  Don’t get carried away with uprooting everything that comes up – wait until it is at least big enough for you to identify it properly. If the land has been a garden in the past there may be some self-seeding annuals in the earth that will be a valuable asset to you.

You may decide to simply avoid using chemical pesticides and fertilizers.  In this case, technically your garden will not be strictly organic. To achieve this, you would need to use organic seeds too. You can find these at many online providers of organic gardening supplies.

You will find that gardening is a fascinating activity. It helps you to keep fit, beautifies your surroundings and brings you feelings of harmony with the natural world around you.  Gardening for beginners, doing it the organic way, could become your most rewarding hobby.