what is organic gardening

What is organic gardening?

Organic gardening, in essence, is using organic decaying compost to feed the soil in conjunction with using natural cycles and predictors for disease and pest control. It relies on natural processes to grow and manage your garden crops.

It doesn’t happen by accident, as true organic gardeners will tell you it is more of a holistic approach to growing crops by understanding soil management, pest management and the life cycles of plants.

Using these approaches will cut down the amount of fertilizers and pesticides that you would normally need for the garden. It will also improve the quality of your garden by increasing the number of beneficial organisms which in turn helps with better soil and plant management.

Well, when properly done, you will be producing high quality food which has its own dietary benefits, your food will be abundant in vitamins and nutrients which can assist in the prevention of many of todays ailments and diseases.

Growing your own organic food greatly reduces the intake of many harmful chemicals like pesticides, growth hormones and some fertilizers. In general it tastes better, stores better and is better for you.

The most obvious benefit for gardening in general would have to be that it is exercise. With most people their lives are very hectic and there never seems to be any time for exercise. With the work you put in you will be burning calories and will have something to show for it at the end.

Another benefit is that it is very relaxing, you work at your own pace and if you have children they will normally get involved, which I personally think is one of the best types of “quality time”. Finally, you will save quite a bit of cash especially if you already buy organic veg from the super markets.

Now if you want to have success with your crops, like anything else in life, you need to plan.

Planning your organic garden isn’t as hard as some people make out. You will need to firstly consider the size of the plot you have to work with, your commitment and what you want to grow. Do you want fresh greens, tomatoes, flowers or a combination. Just remember don’t plant things that are going to be ready when you are on holiday.

I find it easier to do a rough sketch on what is going where and then mark out the areas. Whilst not critical your garden plan should include planting distances and depths. Once you have your garden planned out you will need to get your organic gardening soil ready for planting.