a summer garden kitchen

Practical ideas for a summer garden kitchen

What is a Garden Summer Kitchen?

Summer kitchens placed in the garden are a great way to capitalize your outdoor space and to combine pleasure and utility. Regardless the space you have available, you can turn your garden into a gorgeous area using the following practical ideas for a garden summer kitchen.

An open space cooking area

The advantage of having a garden kitchen is that you can enjoy the beautiful weather while cooking so you won’t have to fill your kitchen with food odors. The best option for an outdoor kitchen would be the gas grill because it enables for delicious barbecues and can be easily incorporated to a counter or a kitchen island.

Before making your choice, compare the reviews of GasGrills to see what makes a product better than another and which are the aspects tat influence the performance of such a grill. This will certainly help you find the most reliable product.

A cozy sitting area

Nevertheless, your summer kitchen will need a sitting area where you can relax after a meal or enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. For this, you can opt for a large sofa with a small coffee table in front of it or a round table with chairs around it. Or perhaps you prefer tall bar stools around your kitchen island so you will combine the cooking and sitting area.

Everything you need for cold beverages

Nothing like a cold beverage in a hot summer day so don’t forget to organize a bar corner were you can prepare and store cold drinks. Some bottles of various beverages on a counter along with a small refrigerator and an ice maker are all you need for a practical bar area. Use plain wooden pallets to build an interesting and unique garden bar.

Shelter from sun and rain

If you want to enjoy your garden summer kitchen regardless the weather, you must provide shelter for both sunny and rainy days. Build either a pergola over the entire kitchen area or choose small umbrellas that you can place strategically where needed.

Keep your spices close

Spices add flavor and variety to any meal you want to prepare and having fresh spices and herbs within reach while cooking is an advantage of having an outdoor kitchen. Decorate the place with pots of your favorite herbs and spices that you can use when cooking. You will love the scents that will surround your garden kitchen.