Distinctive Foliage Colorful Houseplants

Distinctive Foliage Colorful Houseplants

Shop for those with Distinctive Foliage since they Lend Needed Color to Winter Living then Choose those Suited to Your Decor with an Eye to Size, Form, Color and Texture

1. Dracaena deremensis warnecki – requires moderate moisture and strong, indirect light. A sturdy plant, it will reach several feet in height.

2. Scheffiera arboricola – grows luxuriantly in a rich, well drained soil, but it can take considerable neglect.

3. Dieffenbachia – improved varieties of an old favorite, it prefers uniformly moist soil and indirect light. Dust leaves periodically.

4. Spironema melnikoffi – appreciates moderate light and well drained soil.

5. Vriesia – grows best in a gritty soil. An unusually decorative and handsome plant. When in active growth, feed once a month with liquid fertilizer.

6. Tradescantia fluminensis variegata – grows easily in subdued light in soil or water. Root cuttings in water to make new plants.

7. Alocasia amazonica – grows luxuriantly in indirect light, preferably under humid conditions. Pot in a mixture of loam and peatmoss, since alocasias thrive in a light airy soil.

8. Peperomia pericatti – appreciates medium light and moderate moisture.

9. Setcreasea Purple Heart – likes well drained, porous soil in light.

10. Maranta leuconeura kerchoveana – give indirect light, since leaves scorch in strong sun. Keep on moist side.

11. Peperomia hederifolia – keep uniformly moist but not wet, in indirect light.

12. Cryptanthus – an air plant that needs a light, airy soil so roots are not smothered.

13. Dichorisandra warsawiczi – grows easily in well-drained soil in bright sun or indirect light.

14. Syngonium – needs support as it begins to climb. Syringe occasionally to make happy.

15. Calathea rosea-lineata – prefers indirect light. Syringe leaves occasionally when dry.

16. Spathiphyllum or Peace lily plant- provide uniform moisture when in active growth.

17. Coleus – needs bright light and some sun to bring out foliage color. Do not allow to dry out.

18. Peperomia magnolifolia – enjoys light and more water when growing.

19. Dichorisandra albo-marginata – thrives in indirect light. Water freely when in active growth.