How to Get the Airline Seats You Want

How to Get the Airline Seats You Want

Traveling can be fun but there are some aspects of travel that you just need to endure because it is a means to an end. For example, traveling by plane can either be a great comfort or a huge pain depending on where you’re sitting. There are areas within the plane that are so cramped that it is slow torture to sit through a multi-hour flight.

Fortunately, there are airlines that actually give you the choice to choose where you want to sit. There are even some airlines that allow passengers to print their tickets and even specify where they want to sit. This article can help you increase your chances of getting the seats you want. It is one of the essential life tips, served daily in’s recipes for life.

Travel Life Tip # 1: Book your flight early

One of the best ways to ensure you get the seat that you want is by booking early. Doing this may allow you to reserve specific seats. There are airlines that group seats based on certain booking levels. Booking early could mean that you get the seats for the price level you want. (Read this article on how to get the best travel rates from travel agencies.) In case you book much too late and get a seat you don’t really want, check the airline’s web site regularly. There might be a chance that marked off seats are opened up once again, which you can exchange for the seat you have.

Travel Life Tip # 2: Get into frequent flyer programs

Another way to get seats you want is by enrolling in frequent flyer programs. Don’t just apply blindly. Look for a program that links the air carriers that you use the most and always fly with this airline group to maximize the points you gain. When you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem it for seat upgrades. If you fly often enough you can even get a premium card and upgrade certificates. Additionally, you also gain the advantage of asking for upgrades each time you fly with this group.

Travel Life Tip # 3: Research the plane

Find out about the plane that you’ll be riding. Go to web sites and check out the seating configuration and look for the areas where you’ll feel most comfortable. The information will also help you in planning the seats that is the best for each flight situation.

For example, if it’s a long haul flight a window seat may not be the best area because you’ll feel trapped and will constantly have to ask the people in your row to stand up everytime you want to stretch your legs or use the bathroom. You will also want to have a window seat if you are traveling on a plane with a toddler.

You should also look at the seat pitch of the airplane before you book a flight. This is most important if you are tall. The seat pitch is the measurement of the space between your seat and the one before and after you. This basically spells the amount of legroom you’ll have. If you think the legroom is not enough for you and you’re going to take a long flight then it is time to reconsider your seat reservation.

Travel Life Tip # 4: Check in early

By going to the boarding gate early you can talk to the staff and ask for any seats that may have opened up. This pays off in the end because if you’re the first to ask for new seats you’ll usually be given the priority to get a better seat.