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5 Tips For Planning A Vegan Wedding

Deciding to host a vegan wedding doesn’t have to be complicated, nor does it mean your non-vegan guests will be disappointed. Whether you’re working with a planner who has experience in vegan weddings, or you’re braving this journey on your own, the following five tips will be quite helpful:

1.  Selecting a Vegan Wedding Menu That All Guests Will Enjoy

It is important that your vegan wedding menu appeal to all guests. When working with a caterer, ask about their experience with vegan weddings – especially which dishes were a hit amongst non-vegan guests. Remember that the freshness of ingredients is key, so you and your caterer should develop a menu inspired by the season and utilize what will be freshest at local farms and vendors. Request a tasting prior to the event to sample the dishes that will be served at your wedding. Be prepared to invest a bit more in this area; vegan and other specialized food items usually cost more.

2. Venue: Location, Location, Location!!!

Choose a venue for your vegan wedding that is set within a picturesque nature scene will help set a natural tone. When the venue offers natural décor – through the ambiance, gardens and landscaping – guests will feel embraced by the surrounding nature.  Using indigenous wildflowers to the area in your décor will help pull the theme together, as well as provide a green alternative to flowers flown in from other parts of the world. Pursue a venue that offers ceremony, reception and hotel accommodations in one location to reduce travel and your carbon footprint.

3.  Meaningful Vegan Wedding Favors

Guests always appreciate a vegan wedding favor to take home with them. There are plenty of options appropriate for a vegan wedding that include making a donation in your guest’s name to your favorite charity, wildflower seed packets that are indigenous to the area of your event, soy based candles or sweet treats that are vegan.

4.  Harm-Free Vegan Wedding Send Off

Choose a harm-free send off as you depart the festivities. No rice, balloons nor lanterns as they can be hazardous to the environment and wildlife. Safer options include herb mixtures, flower petals, bubbles, or bird seed.

5.  Pet Friendly Establishment

Traveling with pets is all the rave these days and guests who’ve come a long way to attend your wedding will be very appreciate that you’ve selecting a hotel for your wedding block where their entire family is welcome. In addition, be sure to ask the hotel and let your guests know if pet watching, feeding services and pet walking is available.


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