5 secrets of women with beautiful skin

5 secrets of women with beautiful skin

Some women are born with great skin, but guess what? It takes more than genes to get and keep that radiant glow. In fact, those who have the best skin usually say they’ve conquered acne or dryness—and are just willing to give their skin an extra tender loving care. Here are some of their best habits.

1. They never forget to wash their face

Never go to sleep with makeup on! The oils in foundation and concealer can attract and trap any dirt and free radicals that can cause breakouts. So wash your face well, and if you are prone to acne, use products that contain salicylic acid. A toner can also help deep-cleanse and temporarily shrink pores.

2. They pay attention to what they eat

Skin-nourishing vitamins and minerals are just as important as those mega-expensive creams, serums and masks. Aside from the standard fruits and vegetables, try sprinkling chia seeds (which are rich in In anti-oxidants) and maca root (which can help ward of acne) on your salads and shakes.

3. They moisturize

Even if you have oily skin, you need moisturizer. Dry skin will produce more oil as a defense mechanism, and this in turn leads to more zits. The idea is to create a balanced level of hydration, through a hydrating toner (which removes dirt but replenishes moisture levels) or a light moisturizer that is built exactly for an oily complexion.

4. They don’t keep switching beauty products

Switching up skin care routine every few weeks will just irritate your skin. Plus, you won’t know which ingredients worked, or which combination of ingredients could have triggered a breakout. If you are going to change something, do it one at a time, and then give it at least a month to work unless there is an obvious allergic reaction.

5. They have a good stress relief system

Stress can cause hormonal swings, which in turn can trigger acne breakouts. So it turns out that your yoga class or twenty minute soak in the hot tub is good not just for your spirit but for your skin, too!


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