Colored Hair Tips for Healthy Colored Hair

Colored Hair Tips for Healthy Colored Hair

Colored hair is more vulnerable in the summer. The sea salt and the sun rays weaken the hair, but it isn’t that safe in the city as well. UV rays also damage it, as well as dirt and dust. Highlighted and colored hair needs special care and protection. Here are simple, colored hair tips for healthy and strong hair all year long.

1. Brush your hair more often

The particles of dirt in the air contribute to the creation of harmful free radicals. A chemical reaction occurs in the keratin and this important element in your hair grows weaker with time. Hair damaged this way loses its shine and the color fades.

» Brush and comb your hair twice daily. By brushing the hair youwill reducethe congregated gunk. The best choices are wooden brushes and combs, no metalteeth whatsoever.

2. Colored hair needs special nourishing treatment

Hair masks, hair packs and other products that contain nutritive ingredients protect and revive the hair. The moisturizing ingredients of these products compensate for the water lost during hair coloring.

» Use products with natural oils (almond, shea butter, monoi and olive oil). Use them during the whole year, and twice a week in the summer is a must. Leave the product in your hair as long as it is recommended on the package.

3. Occasionally rinse colored hair with vinegar

An old but a useful advice: rinsing with vinegar gives your hair a nice shine, and the acidic pH factor helps the hair’s scaly surface tighten up. Such closed scales will maintain the hair color longer. The color and highlights will remain the same for a long time.

» Use regular cooking vinegar, apple if available, dissolve it in water and wash your hair after shampooing.


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