Common Hair Care Mistakes

Common Hair Care Mistakes

How can you always keep your hair flawless? Amazingly enough it is sufficient to correct the little mistakes almost everyone does in their everyday hair care routine.

Mistake No.1 – Excessive Blow-drying

Too much heat robs the hair of its shine and makes it frizzy, strands flying in every direction around the face.  That is why you should blow-dry your hair after you have properly dried it up with a towel (around 75%).

Protection from the heat

If you really must blow-dry your hair, first you have to protect it: before blow-drying your hair spray a special heat-protection product on it after drying it well with a towel (try: Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray).

If you intend to use hot rollers, it is best to use them when your hair is wet, because this way you will achieve the desired hairstyle and it will last longer.

When you dry your hair, move the blow-dryer in circles around the head so that you don’t overheat one portion of the skin and hair.

Mistake No.2 – Improper Use of Hair Gel, Mousse and Hair Spray

The first step in styling hair is opting mousse, hair gel or hairspray. The second and most important step is to properly apply them. To avoid limp and sticky hair, make sure that you distribute the styling product evenly over the whole surface of the hair, and not just the roots or only some parts of the hair.

How to apply mousse

Before applying any product on the recently washed hair, absorb as much of the wetness as you can with a towel. That way you won’t waste any time with additional blow-drying, not will the product get too watery and drip of the wet hair.

When you apply the mousse, first apply small amounts on several portions of your hair and then carefully massage it. Next, comb through your hair with a wide toothcomb.

Mistake No.3 – Too much shampoo

It isn’t always ok to shampoo your hair twice during each washing, because a greater dose of chemicals eliminates the protective layer of natural oils that provide the hair with softness and shine.

The correct way to shampoo

Simply cut the usual amount of shampoo in half. If it is a quality shampoo, half of the amount you usually use for just one shampooing, should be enough.

It is enough to wash the hair three to four times a week. Strictly avoid everyday washing; instead rinse with cold water.

Pick up a frequent use shampoo, no matter what type of hair you have. There is a little less detergent in them, rather than other kinds of shampoo because they have been especially designed for light shampooing.

Mistake No.4 – Short Top Layers Hairstyle

Your hope to visually enhance the volume of your hair, by cutting the top layers shorter than the rest of your hair, is in vain. This will only make your hair look worse because it is not balanced. Try to blend in your top layers with the rest of your hair, while you wait for them to grow.

How to achieve greater volume

Place some rollers on the top layers of your hair and leave them for 15 minutes.

Comb your hair upward with a good brush or a comb. It will only take 2 -3 minutes and still will freshen up the hair and make it look fuller.

Occasionally switch up the position of your hair part and that way your hair will not stick to the scalp.

Hair firming products can help thin and fine hair.

Mistake No.5 – Harmful Hairclips and Ponytail Holders

Whenever you tie your hair up in a ponytail or a bun, take care what type of hair pins, hair clips and ponytail holders you use, because they can be very harmful to your hair.

How to properly put up your hair

Don’t gather a larger strand that doesn’t fit in the size of the hair clip – if you do this, it might harm your hair

Switch up the position of the hair clips and rubber bands, so that you don’t tangle the same strands each time and damage them in the process

Use hairspray on the place where you intend to put the hairclip. This way the hair clip will stay in place and won’t damage the hair so much.

Use quality ponytail holders that are wrapped in fabric.

Mistake No.6 – Untamed Curls

Whether thin or thick, all curls eventually head in an unwanted direction or lose the natural curl. Find the cause of this problem – it might be the moisture in the air, static electricity or just dry, breakable hair.

How to tame them

Get a layered haircut, so that the curls frame your face nicely. Long layers and strict haircuts will only accentuate the problem.

Use semi permanent colors to obtain shine, like Clairol Beautiful Collection Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Don’t use volume products and wash your hair with mild shampoo.


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