Getting the most out of a massage

Getting the most out of a massage

The most popular service offered in any spa is the massage and with good reason. Who wouldn’t want to have their tired and stressed muscles kneaded into relaxation by an expert. A massage is one of the best ways of relieving stress and easing tension in the body. If you are a regular spa client and you always have a massage here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your spa massage.

Do your homework

Don’t just go to a spa without doing your research first. Ask to tour the spa and inspect the facilities that they have. Tell the receptionist or the manager that it’s your first time at the spa and would like to know what they offer.

Make an appointment

Set up an appointment before going to the spa so you’re assured of a slot and you won’t have to wait. Make the appointment a day before, and do it at a time when you won’t have to do anything else afterwards. You wouldn’t want to schedule a massage then have to go to work afterwards or do something stressful because your muscles will just tense up again.

The best time to book a massage is on a day when you’re not going to do anything important – preferably on your day off.

Don’t stress yourself going to the spa

You want to book an appointment to the spa so you won’t have to wait and be assured of a slot. But this effort will be for naught if you rush going to the spa, stressing yourself out because you have to meet the appointment. Give yourself ample time to go to the spa so you won’t have to rush.

Being early at the spa is also a good thing because you can try out their other services like their steam room, manicure and pedicure, and body scrub. Who knows, you may like a service that you’ll eventually add to your spa routine.

Eat lightly

Don’t eat a heavy meal before going to the spa. A light meal or snack would do so you can fully enjoy the massage.

Discuss the massage with your masseuse

Tell your masseuse the kind of massage you prefer. Tell her if you want a shiatsu, Swedish or lymphatic massage or a combination massage. You should also tell your masseuse if you have any ailments or injuries so she’ll know how to massage you properly or what to avoid.

You should also tell her if you want strong or light pressure. If you need to, tell her what you want even while she’s doing the massage. This includes if you want the light dimmer, adjust the temperature in the room, the music or the aroma of the candles. Nothing is out of bounds because the masseuse’s main goal is to give you comfort.


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