Hair care tips from salon professionals

Hair care tips from salon professionals

Everyone can have beautiful hair. Whether your hair is straight, curly, or has the tendency to get frizzy on humid days, you can look awesome! Here are some tips from salon professionals on how to keep your hair looking its best.

Beautiful hair is healthy hair

Healthy hair reflects light, so it has a natural shine that no amount of styling products can recreate.

Hair also needs nutrients and moisture to stay healthy, so eat well and stay hydrated. Protect it from too much sun exposure, friction from brushing, and “styling stress”— flat irons, hair dryers, chemical hair treatments. Ask your hairdresser for a haircut that requires minimal daily styling, and the best kind of heat settings for your styling tools. For example, if you have fine hair, keep the heat settings on low.

Finding the best haircut

First, be realistic: how much time do you have in the morning, and what’s your personal style? And while it’s great to show your hairstylist a picture from a magazine, you need to consider that person’s facial shape, hair texture, and the kind of maintenance and styling that goes into creating that look.

Salvaging a bad haircut

Use a bad haircut as an opportunity to try something you would never have done otherwise. Go short, or try layers—after all, if you hate your hair now, you can’t hate anything more.

Getting a new look without getting a radical cut

Experiment with ponytails: wearing one high or low changes what you see even from the front. You can also get creative with hair accessories, even unusual ones like an antique buckle or flea market finds, attached with bobbypins to fabric-covered rubber bands.

Embracing your hair type

If you have stick straight hair experiment with really short, French schoolboy haircuts. If you want something longer get a crisp blunt haircut which always looks clean and healthy. If your hair is straight and thick find a stylist who knows how to do razor cuts well — that will give you a lot of movement and softness.

If you have curly or wavy hair, use a wide tooth comb so you can get the tangles out without disturbing the curl. Avoid overshampooing which will strip oils and make your hair very dry. Shampoo twice or thrice a week and use conditioner on other days to remove the perspiration and dust and still maintain the curl.


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