How to choose a hair colour that makes you look younger

How to choose a hair colour that makes you look younger

Gray hair? No worries. With all the hair colors available, you can turn those gray strands into, well, anything you like. Pick wisely, though. Some hair colors will make you look younger. Others will just make you look a grandma with weird hair. Here are some tips on how to pick the most flattering shade.

Picking the hair color you want

If you want to have red hair, stick to brownish-reds like auburn. Fiery reds will only call more attention to your wrinkles (like a sign saying, “Look at me! Look at me!”)

If you prefer brown, a chocolate shade will help your skin look like it’s glowing. That’s because our skin tends to lose pigments as we age, and chocolate will help “balance” the paleness (instead of very dark colors, which will only accentuate it).

If you’d like to go blond, try a honey shade. Baby blonde or platinum blonds won’t work. Honey blonds have a touch of gold that will make your complexion look rosy and sun kissed.

You also need to add highlights to your hair, to make it look more natural. Flat, one-dimensional hair seems fake and austere. However, adding tone on tone highlights will soften the color, add movement, and even make hair look thicker. It also looks more sophisticated and sexy. (Read more tips on vitamins for healthy hair.)

Dyeing the eyebrows a lighter shade can also soften your features and make you look younger.

Maintaining your hair color

You need to have your hair color treatments done regularly so you’re never stuck in a situation where your gray hair start to show at the roots. A vegetable dye can help tide you over till your next treatment, or to help you through the transition period when you’re growing out a color you hate.


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