How to get shiny hair

How to get shiny hair

Have you seen your hair in the mirror or on some photos and came to the conclusion that it has lost its shine? Are you wondering how and when you let that happen and how to get shiny hair again?  

Lack of shine Reason #1 – Unhealthy hair

One possible explanation for the lack of shine is an unhealthy hair, that doesn’t have a smooth surface and can’t reflect the light. In most cases the surface cuticles of the hair have been damaged and need revitalising. If you color your hair too often, or style it with too much heat, it will get dry and damaged, and eventually lose its shine. This is especially evident during the summer, when the hair is exposed to the strong sun.

In this case the hair needs extra care so it can get its shine back again. There is a whole array of products (masks, treatments and conditioners) for care and revitalising of unprocessed natural hair, as well as coloured hair that will strengthen the hair and quickly restore its shine.

Try :

» Organic Root Olive Oil Hair Masque

» TIGI Bed Head Treat Me Right Peppermint Hair Mask

» Frederic Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream Hair Products 4 Oz

» Eufora Illuminate Shine Mist

» Schwarzkopf Citre Shine Miracle Anti-frizz Serum

Lack of shine Reason #2 – Improper hair washing

Another possible explanation for the lack of shine is that the hair might be covered with a layer of dust and other gunk, like: remaining shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, hair spray or other hair products, that are not completely removed when you wash your hair. So, if your shampoo is not good enough there might be leftovers of dirt or products in the hair even after washing it, or there might be leftovers of the shampoo itself even after rinsing it.

In this case you should use a good shampoo that can wash the hair thoroughly and can be properly rinsed.

Try :

» Pantene Pro-V Restore Beautiful Lengths Shine Enhance Shampoo

» Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin 1 Complete Nutrition Shampoo

» Pantene Pro-V Classic All Hair Types Shampoo

Finish up rinsing your hair with as cold water as you can stand. Cold water smoothes over the surface cuticles of the hair and makes your hair shiny.


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