How to get silky hair

How to get silky hair

Women spend a good deal of time on the search to achieve soft, shiny hair, and with the plethora of products littering the shelves promising just that, it’s easy to get frustrated, confused, and simply fed-up with the entire process. Quality shampoo, conditioners, and styling products go a long ways towards giving you the luscious locks you’re after, but they only do so much. How you wash, condition, and treat your strands are the secret for how to get silky hair.

Shampoo Your Hair Properly

Improper shampooing is one of the leading causes of lackluster locks. To start, shampooing every single day strips essential oils from your hair, oils that protect against damage and increase shine. Switch to shampooing every other day, or even every two to three. It may take a week or two for your hair to “retrain” itself, but once oil production balances out, all you need is a bit of dry shampoo to freshen up second or third day hair.

When shampooing, start by thoroughly wetting the hair. This prevents your strands from soaking up too much shampoo as well as aids in lathering, meaning you’ll use less product. Focus exclusively at the roots and bypass scrubbing the ends of your hair. The suds will travel down the hair shaft when you rinse, lightly cleansing without stripping.

Condition Effectively To Get Silky Hair

Just as your hair should be sopping wet when shampooing, it should be free of excess moisture before you apply conditioner, as this allows the product to penetrate the hair shaft. Wring your locks out gently and apply a shine-enhancing conditioner from the ears down. If you suffer from dry hair, take whatever’s left on your hands after and apply this lightly to the roots.

Allow your conditioner to sit for as long as possible; ideally, wash and condition your hair as soon as you get in the shower, and then let the conditioner sit as you commence with exfoliating, washing your body, and shaving. When you get out of the shower, scrunch hair with the towel rather than rubbing it: this method is gentlest on the hair cuticle, enhancing shine.

Keep The Ends Of Your Hair Hydrated

Hair naturally becomes drier as you move down from the roots, where oil is produced. Remember, the ends of your hair are oldest, and have been exposed to the most damage. Enhance shine by treating your ends to a high-quality hair oil while it’s still wet.

A little goes a long way: even the thickest locks only require a few drops. Once or twice a week, swap out your conditioner for a thick, rich, shine-enhancing hair mask to treat dry ends and achieve the silky strands you’re after. 

Bypass Hot Tools To Reduce Hair Damage

Heat damages hair, but most women can’t get away with daily air drying. Allow your hair to dry as much as possible before your proceed to blow drying, straightening, or curling it. Use hot tools just once or twice a week to minimize damage; if you stick to only shampooing every few days, this is a lot easier to accomplish, as every-day styling becomes simpler.


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