How to wash your hair properly

How to wash your hair properly

If you wash your hair too often or don’t wash it throughout, it will become dirty more frequently. So, how to wash your hair properly?

While some need to wash their hair daily in order to keep it clean, there are others who only require washing it once a week. This mainly depends on the type of hair: thicker hair and a moderately dry scalp will remain clean for a longer period, unlike thinner hair on a greasy scalp, which gets dirtier much sooner.

But the way our hair looks and how healthy it is, greatly depends on the washing ritual. The warning that the proper washing of hair is the first step to good hair care should therefore be taken seriously. If a hair hasn’t been washed thoroughly, there will be leftover gunk, while too much shampoo can dry the hair extensively.

In both cases you will have to wash your hair again in a short period of time. The right choice of shampoo and hair care products, as well as proper washing of the hair, can increase the period in-between washing, and still preserve the shine and health of your hair.

1. Before each shampooing, comb out your hair carefully. That way you will detangle the small knots you don’t even notice, remove the dust and remains of hair spray, gel and mousse you use to style your hair.

2. Rub a little shampoo on your palm. You only need a small amount that fits in the shampoo lid or is roughly the size of an almond. Mix the shampoo in your palm with a little warm water and then distribute it on the already wet hair.

3. Massage the skin on the scalp for several minutes, using the soft tips of your fingers and making circular movements. The best shampoos don’t produce much foam. Too much foam can dry and weaken the hair.

4. Wash your hair thoroughly with moderately warm water. Take care that the water stream is not to strong.

5. If you have applied the shampoo properly and rinsed it thoroughly, you won’t need to wash it twice.

6. If you have dry hair, that gets greasy very quickly, after you have thoroughly rinsed the shampoo, apply a conditioner or hair mask to your hair. Distribute it evenly with a comb all over your hair, leave it work for several minutes, and then carefully rinse it out.

If you have greasy hair, than add a little apple vinegar to the last rinsing water, which will give your hair some shine and remove the extra grease.

7. Wrap your hair in a towel and softly dry it out. Wet hair is very easy to damage with brusque towel-drying.

8. Brush your hair through with slow movements once it has dried up a bit and style your hair in the desired shape.


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