Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips for Your Big Day

Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips for Your Big Day

Your pre-wedding beauty regime matters

You can achieve the holy trinity of fabulous: perfect skin, body, and hair. Planning a wedding can be exhausting! While it’s necessary to plan the logistical details of your big event, you shouldn’t forget about you! 

How to Get Sexy Wedding Day Skin

Your face will be the center of attention on your wedding day. You’ll be up close and personal with friends and family, and cameras will be focused on capturing your image at every turn.

Getting truly healthy skin isn’t something that can be done the day, or even several days, before your wedding; it’s something that you should start right away. It takes about three months for a full skin-care regimen to start showing serious results, so there’s no better time than the present to begin.

It’s true that healthy skin begins from the inside. The best way to have gorgeous skin is to take good care of your body. While a good diet is important for nice skin, there are a couple of elements that stand out: essential fats and adequate water intake.

Fat is usually unadvised when you’re planning to look your best for your wedding, but getting the suggested amount of “good” fats, like those found in nuts, fish, or flax-seed makes skin radiant.  When it comes to water, there is no hard and fast rule as to the amount you should drink, but the standard “eight to nine eight-ounce glasses per day” is a reasonable rule of thumb that’s easy to remember. You can add lemon and safe, no-calorie sweetener like stevia to your water for flavor. Herbal tea also counts toward your quota for caffeine-free liquid intake.

Every good skin care plan starts with basic cleansing and moisturizing. Wash with a gentle foaming cleanser twice a day. During the day, follow up with an oil-free moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15. At night, you can apply anti-aging treatments or creams designed to fade discolorations and even out skin tone.

If acne is a problem, be sure to start any anti-acne program months before your wedding date. That way you’ll be well over the irritation stage that these types of regimes can induce and, based on your results, you can be confident that the product works for you.

Many women choose to have spa or dermatologist skin treatments as their wedding day approaches. This is an excellent idea. Many spa treatments can be very relaxing, too.  Remember, though, not to book too close to your wedding day. Some treatments, like micro-dermabrasion or chemical peels, might leave your skin temporarily red or blotchy, and you’ll want to allow enough time for the gorgeous results to kick in.

Build Your Bombshell Bridal Day Body

Countless brides agonize over fitting into the wedding gown of their dreams. Some resort to crash dieting, which often doesn’t yield the best results. The smartest strategy is to get started early and work steadily toward your goal. If you want to lose weight, there are many ways to meet your goal. The more weight you have to lose, the earlier you should start, but set realistic goals. You may not be at your dream weight on your wedding day, but you can still make progress, look beautiful, and feel satisfied that you worked hard to get as far as you did.

There’s no weight management program that will work for everyone. In general, you should manage your daily calories and increase exercise. Many women prefer a program like Weight Watchers because it gives them a detailed set of instructions to follow, as well as a lot of support and guidance.

When you try on your wedding gown, you might get an idea of what parts of your body you’d like to highlight. Spot toning can help you achieve this. For example, if you’re choosing a sleek, sleeveless dress, seek exercise routines that focus on toning the upper body and shoulders.

If you’re not already a member of a gym, you might want to consider joining one as part of your bridal beauty routine. Gym membership can offer you perks like personal training and   the support of staff and other members to help you reach your goals.

Achieve Heavenly Hair

Wedding hair is a big deal. Even the “messy” ‘dos can take a lot of time, effort, and hairspray to keep them looking perfect from start to finish. Whatever hairstyle you choose, it’ll look better when your hair is healthy, shiny, and strong. 

Great hair requires many of the same things as healthy skin: essential fatty acids, water, and adequate vitamins and minerals. If you don’t already take a good multivitamin, start doing so as soon as you start planning your wedding. It can help you with a good number of your health and beauty needs.

In the weeks leading up to your wedding, you might want to give your hair some time to rest. Avoid any potentially damaging treatments like chemical straightening or harsh dyes that could cause breakage or, worse, unexpected results.


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