13 Small and Easy Ways to Improve Your Life

13 Small and Easy Ways to Improve Your Life

You rarely need to make dramatic changes in order to improve your life. Oftentimes making some simple changes is enough to help you feel better, happier and more confident.

1. Start taking a little time out of each day for yourself. We are all very busy, but it is very important to make at least a little space for yourself in your life. It will help you reduce stress, relax and re-energize.

2. Drinking enough water helps your body flush out the toxins and is very important for you health and beauty. Buy yourself a nice jug and a glass for the office, so that you can always have water on your desk and never forget to drink it.

3. Start exercising regularly. Exercise improves your health, your mood, your confidence and your life. Enroll in a fitness class, aerobics, Tae Bo, Zumba, go running, swimming, or whatever suits you best, just do it regularly.

4. Food affects your life in many ways, starting with your health, energy level, mood, etc. It is time to get rid of all the unhealthy food in your home and start buying and stocking up only healthy food.

5. Throw away your old and used up makeup and skin care products and treat yourself with new ones. Choose a new perfume, eye shadows and lipsticks in new colors and try some good skin care products you never used before.

6. Rearrange the furniture in your home, get rid of some old unnecessary piece or buy a new piece of furniture that will refresh your home.

7. Start buying new wardrobe and reinvent your style. But, don’t get rid of the old stuff all at once. You may find interesting combinations playing match up with the new and old.

8. Sign up for a cooking or dance class, or some other class or course that you’ve always wanted to but never attended.

9. Throw away your old bras and panties and buy new sexy underwear. Choose something that feels comfortable, but looks very sexy. Just by knowing that you are wearing gorgeous underwear you’ll feel sexier and much more confident every day.

10. Clean up your handbag and get rid of all the unnecessary stuff you carry around and never used in months. It will be lighter for carrying and easier to find things inside.

11.  Take fan photos with the people you love and put them on your desk or in your living room. They will serve as a reminder of what really matters in life.

12. Stop nagging your husband or boyfriend and find more effective ways to communicate. If you are constantly nagging about something, you are spreading negative energy and you risk driving your partner away and hurting the intimacy in your relationship.

13. Take the small ornaments form your shelves and store them in a box for one week. If you miss them after a week, put them back on. If you don’t miss them and don’t feel the need to restore them, than congratulations, you just made your dusting a lot easier.


Lisa is a special needs teacher and a hugger. She always makes time for everyone and lightens up everybody’s lives with her presence. When she is not chasing her students around the yard, she finds time to write about what she truly loves, and you guessed it, its people and relationships.