What to look out for when buying Luggage

What to look out for when buying luggage

Traveling is a lot of fun. The opportunity to travel to different places and countries is a great way of expanding one’s horizons and getting exposed to different people and cultures. 

But if you plan to have many travel adventures, invest in a high quality luggage. You want something sturdy, well-organized, and easy to carry. Here are some tips on buying luggage. They’re practical and straightforward.

1. Look at the material of the luggage

Luggage comes in many different materials. You can choose between soft or hard luggage, nylon, leather, plastic or any of the new space age fabrics that different luggage companies advertise. But here are some things that you should consider. If you want expandability then soft luggage should be at the top of your list. But if you want protection for the items inside your luggage then a hard-sided luggage is the only choice for you. 

So think about what the kind of things you’re likely to bring. Will you be carrying a lot of gadgets? Or traveling in countries that have rough climate? Imagine the luggage contents and you will be able to choose the best luggage material for you.

2. Look at the weight of the luggage

You also have to consider weight because a hard luggage weighs significantly more than soft luggage. Also, hard luggage can shatter or crack because of the way luggage is handled at airports all over the world. Expect this to happen especially if you buy the cheap kind. 

3. Consider how the luggage will be handled

Unless you have your own private jet, don’t even consider real leather luggage, it will just be treated the same way as the cheap polyester ones. 

Also, avoid very generic designs. It’s easier to get luggage in bold or unique colors, or has clear distinguishing marks. Nothing’s more annoying than trying to find your luggage in sea of luggage’s that have the same color as yours.

4. Examine the construction of the luggage

In general choose luggage that is lightweight and is expandable. Luggage with pockets outside is a plus. Also look for luggage that has large, durable zippers. Since almost all luggage nowadays have wheels for convenience look for wheels that are recessed and made from rubber.

Spinner wheels located at the corners of the luggage is a huge plus because it will allow you to spin your luggage in any direction without it tilting. If luggage with four wheels are too expensive (they usually are) then choose the ones with just two wheels but spaced far apart so that it is more stable. Double or triple stitching at the seams should also be considered to ensure maximum durability. 

5. Inspect luggage handles and grips

If you’re looking for handles that can be telescopically extended, make sure that it works perfectly and smoothly. A good padding on the handles will be more forgiving to your palms. Also check for the maximum extendable length of the handle. A handle that is too short will force you to crouch, which is a surefire way of developing back pains. The handles should be long enough for you to be able to pull it without crouching. Multiple handgrips on the luggage is also a good plus because you’ll have to handle your luggage in different ways when going through airport security and through the baggage carousels. 

6. Looking for the best luggage for your budget

You can identify the best luggage but if it is priced too steeply you won’t be able to buy it anyway. Try to look for good luggage bargains. Usually, you can find good deals when you buy luggage in sets.

Getting the cheapest luggage is a very bad idea because it will definitely be poorly made and will breakdown easily, forcing you to buy new luggage again.

Look for a great combination of price and quality. To get a good idea on the best luggage out there, go online and read luggage reviews.

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