Back to normal and adjusting after the wedding

Back to normal: Adjusting after the wedding

The rehearsal went like a charm, the wedding was perfect, you danced the night away with friends and family at the reception, and the honeymoon will provide happy memories for years.

Now you’re home (finally!!) with your beloved. Your new life together has begun!! This was what the whole thing was about!! And … you’re feeling let down. A little depressed, even. What gives??

What gives is normal. Just think about all those previous big events in your life: Christmases, graduations. A lot of build-up, then the big event , and then — pfft! — it’s all over. Just like that. It’s only natural to feel just a little deflated. After riding the roller coaster of anticipation, planning, nerves and excitement, the regular flow of a normal day can seem a little lacking.

Don’t sweat it. It doesn’t mean you made the wrong decision! It’s nothing about second thoughts. It doesn’t mean you’re not happy. You’re just coming down off a months’-long adrenaline rush. That takes some doing! Give yourselves a little time to gear down to normal life, and soon you will be feeling normal — and happy! — again.



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