Cheap and easy do-it-yourself favor boxes

Cheap and easy do-it-yourself favor boxes

If you love do-it-yourself projects, this is a simple favor idea I created and used for my own wedding. I love to paint, so I tried to come up with something that would allow some creativity without too much hassle. After all, making favors for 100+ guests can be a daunting task for any bride, including those who could be Martha Stewart’s successor.

Although I handled this project on my own, it’s something that would be great to involve friends and family, and I can see children enjoying it as well. Here’s all you need to get started:

  • Paper mache boxes in whatever shape you desire – hearts, squares, ovals. I would suggest purchasing them from your local craft store since you can usually buy them by the dozen at good prices ($.50-$.79 per box). Or, you can purchase some online like on here.
  • Acrylic paint and medium-sized paint brush. A simple, cheap acrylic paint works just fine (you’re not painting the Mona Lisa so avoid oil paints), and you can use whatever colors you wish. Of course, your wedding colors would work best for the occasion.
  • Tulle in the color of your choice. If you get white, it’s much cheaper and easier to find. Or, you can use raffia.
  • Goodies to fill your boxes. Check out my post on chocolates for some money-saving ideas.

First, paint your boxes, preferably inside as well as outside. Lightly brush on iridescent paint or glitter after the paint has dried for a nice effect, if you want. Fill your boxes with goodies, and try using iridescent or metallic Easter grass to act as a cushion for your treats. Tie with the tulle or raffia and you’re done!

When I made mine, I also included a “Thank you” note inside each one. Just be creative and have fun.


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