Glamorous Winter Wedding Bouquets

Glamorous Winter Wedding Bouquets

Your Winter Wedding Flower Bouquet

Make a statement coming down the aisle holding a fabulous bridal bouquet at your wedding ceremony! There are some wonderful ways to turn a pretty bouquet into one which really makes a splash. Choose one of these glamorous bouquet designs for your winter wedding.

Snowy white feathers are an amazing addition to a bride’s bouquet. Fluffy and white, feathers are a great way to add glamor to your ceremony. They can be used in a variety of ways. One idea is to insert curly tendrils of feathers in amongst white flowers for a surprise bit of texture.

For a more feather-intensive look, create a ruff of fluffy white feathers all the way around a nosegay of either red or white blossoms. If you really like the glamor and fun of feathers, consider eliminating the flowers altogether and carrying a bouquet created entirely from snow white feathers. It would be fantastic for a Winter Wonderland wedding.

Arm bouquets, also called presentation bouquets, are back in a big way for brides. A sleek bouquet of calla lilies would be a sophisticated arrangement for a winter bride to carry. White calla lilies are lovely, of course, but it would be great to choose a less expected color, such as purple or russet callas. Tie them up with a luxurious satin ribbon with a big bow and long streaming tails.

A very wide ribbon, such as 3 or 4 inches, will add to the luxurious feeling of the bouquet. Gold or silver colored ribbon will make the whole effect ultra glamorous.

Crystals are very popular for weddings at any time of the year. In the winter months, brides are especially drawn to the icy sparkle of crystal bridal jewelry sets. Play up the sparkle and glamor of crystals by incorporating them into your bouquet. There are many ways in which this can be done. When carrying an arrangement of round flowers such as roses, it looks fabulous to have the florist adorn the center of each blossom with a sparkling crystal.

Another idea is to drape strands of shimmering crystals over the top of a large round nosegay – almost like crystal bridal jewelry sets for the flowers. More loosely arranged flowers look amazing with crystal teardrops suspended around the edge. Whichever design you choose, you cannot go wrong with adding sparkle to your bridal bouquet!

Another way to make a wedding bouquet more glamorous is to add silver accents to it. Curly grapevine dipped in silver glitter will look fantastic when interwoven with a mixed arrangement of flowers. Some florists will even dip the very edges of fresh flowers in a silver glitter; this technique works especially well with roses.

This is one of those cases where a little goes a long way, so it would be nice to combine glitter edged roses with plain ones, as well as another type of blossom, such as white stephanotis with rhinestone tipped pins in their centers. Wrap it all up with a sheer metallic silver ribbon for a breathtaking winter bouquet.

Your wedding is one time in your life when you definitely deserve to feel glamorous! Have fun playing up that side of your personality with a festive and fabulous bridal bouquet. With so many wonderful ways to glam up a winter wedding bouquet, there is no reason to carry flowers that are anything less than spectacular.


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