Spring Wedding Flower Bouquets

Spring Wedding Flower Bouquets

Spring is here and everything is coming up roses and daffodils – so why not include these and other seasonal blooms into your DIY wedding bouquet? Local flowers are fresher, they smell better, have a smaller carbon footprint, and they often cost less as you can buy them directly from the farm (visit localharvest.org to find growers in your area). Spring flowers also make amazing colorful flower arrangements and can look very sophisticated standing alone! Here are some great choices for your spring wedding:

1. White Wedding Bouquet With Anemones

For a high-couture wedding bouquet made up strictly of black and white flowers, consider carrying a handful of white anemones down the aisle. They bring the magic of a Wizard Of Oz poppy field to your event, but with an elegant and modern twist. Add some berries to the mix for a more organic look. 

2. Yellow And White Wedding Bouquet With Daffodils

Daffodils are one of the early signs of spring, and their sunny yellow color is always a welcome break after a cold white winter. You can find pure yellow daffodils or ones that blend white and yellow together. No matter what you use, nothing says “spring wedding” like a daffodil bouquet. 

3. Something Blue Wedding Bouquet With Delphinium

Why not have your something blue at your spring wedding be an amazing spray of blue delphinium flowers in your wedding bouquet? Their color is so rich and beautiful and their shape is classic and organic at the same time. 

4. Purple Flower Wedding Bouquets With Lilacs And Peonies

Peonies have been popular wedding bouquet flowers for a long time, but when mixed with fragrant local lilacs the purple duo can’t be beat. Lilacs have a heavenly sweet fragrance, and their rich purple color is outrageously pretty. Lilacs don’t travel well, so they are really something special to feature in your locally-sourced wedding bouquet. This spring wedding bouquet, design by Alexandra Abuza, also features purple artichokes and hellebores for texture. 

5. Colorful Tulip Wedding Bouquets

Tulips are perfect for the DIY spring bride because they come in many colors and do not require any other blooms to look stylish. Create your own chic tulip bouquet with a single color, or bring together a rainbow to carry down the aisle. 

6. Ranunculus Spring Wedding Bouquets

When you think about a classic wedding bouquet, you are probably imagine an over-sized frilly bunch of Ranunculus. These amazing florals are often mistaken for roses, but they have much more visual texture and softness to them. You can find locally-grown ranunculus for your spring wedding in a variety of colors. Pink is the most popular as it goes will with other blush and natural wedding palettes. 

Most of the bouquets above are made with a single flower type – and the results are outstanding. If you like the look of these arrangements, a DIY spring wedding bouquet with locally-grown flowers should be relatively easy to pull off!  


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