The blue Calla Lily and other blue wedding flowers

The blue Calla Lily and other blue wedding flowers

Blue wedding flowers such as the blue calla lily, bring a bright spark of fun and creativity to your celebration, no matter what your style. Is the idea of apricot, cream and pink bouquets leaving you yawning? Choosing to have blue flowers is a great way to break out of the wedding flower mould and have something that really stands out. 

Most of the wedding flowers I see at weddings are all quite similar. The flowers aren’t usually something that stands out in memories. For me, wedding flowers weren’t that important. A smattering here and there was all I wanted, however after much protest from certain family members I ended up compromising and having a really simple bouquet of orchids and centrepieces made with green apples and white flowers.

A little while ago I went to a friend’s country wedding. The reception was held at a lavender farm, the bride’s bouquet was hydrangeas bunched together, and the venue was decked out with delphiniums on tall stalks and small bunches of hyacinth and hydrangeas on the tables. The blue flowers looked amazing next to the bride’s white vintage-inspired gown and the lavender growing in the distance. Since then I have been loving blue wedding flowers, they really make a great choice for the bride that doesn’t want to have a boring bouquet. 

Blue flowers for vintage weddings

Blue flowers can look great in any style of wedding, but I have seen them work really well in vintage weddings a few times. Hyacinths, Calla lilies and hydrangeas look amazing. Much like hyacinths, the hydrangea grows naturally on stems and is well-suited to weddings flowers. These look best on their own in a simple bouquet, perhaps wrapped with some ribbon, or mixed with cream or white flowers. I also love lavender for casual weddings; a simple bunch tied up with ribbon is perfect.

Blue Calla Lily

Classic blue wedding flowers

My favourite of all the blue flowers after the Calla, would have to be the iris. It’s classically beautiful and is not going to look out of place at any wedding. While the iris comes in many colours, we often think of it in its most common form of blue. A bouquet of irises is both eye-catching and elegant. Like many blue wedding flowers, these look best on their own, without the distraction of smaller blooms.

More unusual blue wedding flowers

Perhaps one of the most striking flowers I have seen at a wedding is the thistle. This very distinctive flower will certainly catch the eyes and imaginations of your guests. With its thick and prickly appearance, the thistle is certainly different from your average wedding bouquet of roses. Thistle is great if you want to escape the norm of regular weddings as it makes a statement, is that little bit different and the blue hue of the flower, seed and foliage is gorgeous. Sea holly can also work well if you are looking for something more unusual for your wedding bouquet. These small blooms also look great as buttonholes for the men in the bridal party

Lavender is an unusual choice of blue wedding flower, but is becoming more common. Sprigs of lavender bunched together as a bouquet can look perfect for a country or outdoor wedding. A few sprigs tied together look great as a buttonhole and can also be used as confetti or sprinkled on tables.

Combining blue wedding flowers with other colours

If blue lilies on their own don’t do it for you, consider complementing them with small white blooms such as baby’s breath, or for a striking contrast mix them with something bright orange or acidic lime green. Blue and purple shades of blooms also are accentuated well by silver, along with shades of ivory and cream.

Blue Calla flowers can look great as a filler in a large bouquet. Limonium’s tiny blue flowers are most often used as a filler, but also look great when bunched together as a bouquet. Limoniums have a very strong scent and are thought to be the flower of desire. I think they can look great in bunches on the tables at a reception, especially with their strong scent which can fill the air. 

Another popular blue filler flower is the forget-me-not. These small flowers were a symbol of love in Victorian times. Legend has it that a knight picking flowers for his sweetheart fell into a river and drowned due to the weight of his armour. His last words were, ‘Forget me not, my love’. Bunched together in a small bouquet, as a buttonhole or complemented by other blooms, they make a great choice of blue wedding flowers.


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