Engagement Shoots You Havent Seen Before

Engagement Shoots You Haven’t Seen Before

If you’ve ruled out the beach, the flower garden, and the glowing cityscape as too common to embody your fresh and unique love, look no further: Here are some ideas for the truly unique engagement photo shoot. If nothing else, do it for the great-grandchildren who will someday inherit the album.

At a County Fair

Is the fair coming to town soon? Grab your photographer, because the lights and colors of a carnival make for a festive, vibrant shoot. Ride down the big slide together. Hop on the carousel. Get in one Ferris wheel basket while your fiancé rides in another. Feed each other cotton candy. Shoot plastic ducks together and pose with your giant teddy bear. Do you dare approach the mechanical bull? Fairs offer so many possibilities, it’s best to just go with an open mind and snap away.

In A Supermarket

There’s great spontaneity to be found in places you visit all the time. Get permission to hold your photo shoot after hours, when other shoppers won’t be caught sampling cheeses in the background. The colorful displays make great backdrops, and you can have fun pushing each other in carts or posing prettily amid the peach display. (No squeezing to check for ripeness!) You may want to bring your own lights, however, as florescent lighting turns faintly green in photos.

At a Soda Shop

If you’re lucky enough to live by one of these old-fashioned landmarks, what could be more romantic than sharing a vanilla float with two straws and a cherry on top? Visit a thrift shop first and stock up on cute retro dresses, fedoras, and lace stockings. Bonus points if you can find a polka-dot bow tie. 

At Night with Flashlights 

Most engagement shoots are taken by day or sunset. Make yourselves unique by aiming for pitch black. Night shoots offer opportunities to get creative with lighting. Rest assured you will be the focus of the photo, with no cluttered background to compete. You can draw a heart together in the air with sparklers, or cup candles in your hands. (Use a very steady tripod and set your camera for long exposures for the best night shots). Have fun and be silly. Use flashlights to highlight your favorite part of your fiancé’s body (and we’ll assume it’s their gorgeous smile). 

In a Graveyard

A graveyard doesn’t have to be depressing, especially if it’s an old location with a lot of history. There are often settings within the graveyard that don’t directly involve gravesites, like arches and old iron gates. If there are crumbling old stones and plenty of ivy, a graveyard can offer a classic setting for the offbeat couple, and it’s the perfect complement to a Halloween wedding. Bonus if your wedding cake will be all-black.

In an Abandoned Building

You’re building a life and home together. Why not start with the bare essentials? Abandoned structures make for dramatic photo ops, especially when a cute table setting or furniture is contrasted with the disrepair. You can bring candles and a few cups of wine or tea. Careful, though: Even where exploring such buildings is not explicitly illegal, there can still be rotting boards and tricky footing, so make sure to inspect the area thoroughly in the daytime first. There’s nothing less romantic than surprising an angry homeless encampment when you’re in your best evening-wear.

On Horseback

Rent a pair of horses and saunter through the woods or down the beach. You can weave flowers or ribbons into their mane and tail. Not only do horses evoke classical romantic images of knights and maidens, but you can opt for a silly picture where your beloved is slung over the back of the saddle. (Bonus if the bride is wearing a Viking hat as she rides away with her prize).

At A Rock Concert

Even though the lighting is dim, the right camera can make the most of flattering colored lights. Remember, the stage lights were chosen to flatter the rockstar, so there’s no reason you can’t borrow some glory.  Set your photographer up away from the crowd so they don’t get knocked over, and don’t be afraid to dance and let your hair get a little messy. The spontaneity will come through in a fun set of pictures you’ll want to remember. Try to time your kiss to the moment the entire stage lights up in pyrotechnics behind you. (Pro tip: Avoid the “Cannibal Corpse” reunion tour).