How to pick the perfect engagement ring for your gal based on her personality

How to pick the perfect engagement ring for your gal based on her personality

Your girlfriend’s personality offers a lot of clues about what style of engagement ring she would most enjoy. Especially if you want to surprise her with the ring, you’ll need all the help you can get choosing a style that you are confident she will love.

As you start looking at engagement rings and checking out different styles, consider which cut her personality fits best.

Round: This is the most traditional cut around, with 58 facets that showcase the shine and symmetry of a gorgeous diamond. It’s perfect for a woman who’s more old-fashioned and elegant, and who enjoys bringing back old traditions and doing things the way that people have done them for generations.

Princess: Probably the most popular modern cut is the princess. It looks like a square when viewed from above, but it maintains much of the rest of the shape of a classic round cut. The princess cut is ideal for a modern woman who is a little bit edgier and more daring.

Oval: A sophisticated woman who wants something a little unique while still giving a nod to the classic style may appreciate an oval cut diamond. Because of the shape, it can have the same number of facets as a traditional round cut, while drawing the eye in a different way and bringing something a little bit new to the table as well.

Emerald: An emerald cut diamond has an angular feel, with just a few cuts that leave the stone looking like it’s made of bars of light. It’s perfect for a woman who is confident and bold in everything she does, from her career choices to the colors and patterns she wears.

Marquise: You may be surprised when you see your first marquise cut diamond because it’s an interesting shape, with rounded sides and pointed ends. It’s ideal for edgier women who love to show their creativity and have big personalities to go along with the diamond that often appears larger than life. For an even bigger personality, have it set going from east-to-west.

Cushion: The most vintage of all the diamond cuts is the cushion, which has a shape between a circle and a square, or between an oval and a rectangle. It has a very timeless and romantic feel, and it’s perfect for a girl who loves swing skirts, baking and bright red lipstick.

Pear: The shape of a pear diamond actually resembles a teardrop more than anything else, and it’s sort of a cross between an oval and a marquise cut. This cut may be best for a girl who has some attitude and who is beautiful and confident in the way she looks, because it will attract attention.

With some women, the choice of an engagement ring style and diamond cut will be simple because her personality so closely matches one of the cuts.

When you’re wavering between two or more options, remember that the style of the setting also matters. You can play up the characteristics of the diamond that you want to highlight through the setting you choose.


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