Would You Wear a Fake Engagement Ring

Would You Wear a Fake Engagement Ring?

is it ok to wear fake engagement rings?

The best way to insult a recently-engaged woman: just coo, “Love your ring. Is it real?” While it’s easy to bristle when people question the authenticity of the sparkling gemstone on your finger, it’s also not entirely a silly question. A growing number of brides-to-be are opting to wear fake versions of their priceless rings. And it’s not as stupid as it seems.

Engagement and wedding rings are tricky pieces of jewelry. For most women, the engagement ring is the single most expensive piece of jewelry they own. And yet, unlike a valuable necklace or pair of earrings that only comes out of the safe for special parties, the engagement ring is meant to be worn every single day. That’s 365 chances every year for it to be lost, misplaced, scratched, or stolen.

Keep Your Ring Locked Up

Some women choose to forgo wearing their engagement rings after marriage so they can avoid damaging or losing them. But a plain wedding band just isn’t as exciting. After all the money and energy you spent picking out the perfect gemstone and setting, why relegate it to a shelf?

Many women want to wear both rings as a beautiful reminder of the beginning of their love story. That’s where the fake ring comes in.

Have a Copy Made of your ring

For a very low price (in the range of $50 to $100 for most rings), you can have a copy of your engagement ring made that looks almost as good as the original. This means you can wear your glitter out on the town while enjoying complete peace of mind.

Of course, you may be thinking, “If I can get a beautiful engagement ring for $50, why would I throw three months of paychecks into a nearly identical item?” Well, it’s controversial, but you do have a point. If you’re in the type of relationship that values experiences over possessions, skip the “real” ring entirely and use the money to treat yourselves to a lavish engagement vacation. If you feel like the value of the ring represents the level of commitment between you two, however, you’ll need to adhere to expensive tradition.

Keep Yourself Safe by wearing a fake engagement ring?

One argument against fake engagement rings is that they don’t really prevent muggings. After all, if the ring sparkles like a diamond, most thugs on the street aren’t going to study it hard enough to see the difference. However, in the event that a mugger with a gun demands your valuables, you can throw your fake ring at him and run.

Once the valuables are at their feet, most robbers won’t follow you. The women who try to resist their rings getting stolen are more likely to be injured in the conflict. So wearing a fake engagement ring could keep you safe.

Decide What’s Important

Ultimately, the decision about what ring to wear depends on your values. If it seems a little silly to you to wear a fake ring every day while the real thing sits in a vault, unseen, you’re not alone. Many women choose to accept the risk and wear their expensive rings anyway. 

If the idea of an inexpensive duplicate seems like a splendid idea, go for it. You can always take out the real ring on special occasions like parties and anniversaries. After all, the engagement ring is more than the sum of its parts. Its value lies not only in the materials used to make the ring, but in the symbolism of the love for which it was given. With that said, it doesn’t matter whether the ring sits on your finger or in a safe box. It still has the same meaning.

If you choose to interpret the reasons against wearing a genuine engagement ring as reasons against owning a genuine ring at all, you’re still in good company.

More and more modern couples are abandoning the tradition of the three-month-salary engagement ring in favor of using the money towards cars, houses, and other items that add value to their relationship and lives together.

After all, there’s nothing that says love has to be expressed in a diamond engagement ring


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