What Your Wedding Shoes Say About You

What Your Wedding Shoes Say About You

Are you flip-flopping between the ruby-red pumps and the beige Mary Janes? Your choice of wedding footwear says more than you think. From chunky boots to strappy sandals, the shoes really do make the bride. Read on to discover what your bridal footwear reveals about your personality.

Sky-High Heels

A pair of stilettos may make your legs look fabulous in the wedding album, but they can bespeak bridezilla-like tendencies. You already know you love being the center of attention, so make sure you balance it with patience and compromise. Invest in a sparkling tiara and three-dozen-rose bouquet. You’ll be the queen of the party, so you’d better hope your groom can keep up!

Flat Slippers

You’re a sensible bride and your wedding didn’t even come close to going over-budget. While wildflower bouquets and mason jars are perfectly lovely, it’s okay to splurge a little, too. Treat yourself to a few extravagances on the honeymoon.

Bejeweled Flip-Flops

Sure, you went through the trouble of gluing rhinestones along the toe-strap, but don’t think for a moment that anyone’s fooled. You’re a carefree, casual girl and even a big day like a wedding isn’t worth squeezing your toes into something uncomfortable. Plan a beach or poolside reception where you can show everyone your fantastic new three-dimensional pedicure.

Cowgirl Boots

You’re down-to-earth and easygoing. Even a rain shower won’t dampen your big day. Your cowgirl wedding is a chance to show off both sides of your personality: the feminine bridal gown and the made-for-walking boots. You get things done and aren’t afraid to speak your mind. Play some great music at your reception, because you’ll be reigning supreme over the dance floor.

Kitten Heels

You’re responsible, but you haven’t lost your sense of fun. You like looking cute, and it’s the kind of cute that won’t make your in-laws blush. Your neckline doesn’t plunge too deeply, but your tea-length dress looks just flirty enough when you spin around. Even though you’re not the type to show off, you still enjoy looking great in the spotlight. Enjoy being princess for a day!

Platform Wedges

It takes a lady with guts to rock a pair of platform wedges at a wedding. If the wedges are made of cork or hemp, you’re solidly in the “creative bohemian” category. Pair the shoes with the handmade jewelry you picked up on your last vacation to Nepal, and book a venue rental with the nearest bowling alley. You’ll have a wedding like none other!

Marabou Mules

Forget the wedding day–you’re ready for the honeymoon to begin! You’re a romantic at heart and your idea of perfect wedding decorations includes lots of hearts, gauze, and candles. Hold your reception at your or a family member’s home to sustain that intimate, loving feeling.

Designer Shoes

Sometimes nothing less than the top names will do. You’re either lucky enough to afford the best for your wedding, or you’ve decided the debt is worth the look. Exercise caution (and not just because you’re walking 10 inches above the ground). If you splurge this much on every part of your wedding, you could be looking at a penny-pinching start to married life.


You made the decision a long time ago that you didn’t want a “traditional” wedding. That’s great news for you–as long as your groom feels the same way! Choose a beach or grass reception area where you can flit around like the earth goddess you are. Just don’t invite any guests who expect caviar and champagne.

No matter what type of footwear you choose for your big day, make sure it matches more than your dress and hair. Your shoes should match your personality as well. After all, they’ll be accompanying you as you walk down the aisle. Don’t entrust such a big job to anything less than a pair of kindred spirits!


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