Personalizing Your Wedding-Day Outfit

For the Groom: Personalizing Your Wedding-Day Outfit

The first big question is, “Will you marry me?” The second big question is, “What’s the bride going to wear?” While all heads will turn to see the bride make her entrance down the aisle, it doesn’t mean grooms are excused from putting forth a fashionable show of their own. If you’re wondering how to share the spotlight with your beaming bride, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways grooms can show off a little, too.

It can be hard for a groom. After all, brides have a deluge of fashion choices, from tea-length dresses to train-trailing princess gowns, in a veritable rainbow of wedding dress colors.

Men’s fashion offers little more variation than the color and cut of your suit–or so you thought. Actually, however, formal wear for men can get pretty creative. It’s all in the accessories you choose. Find a fashion style that speaks to your personality and wear it proudly on your big day.


Cufflinks add an air of old-fashioned sophistication to an outfit. You may have a pair of cufflinks that you inherited from your great-grandfather; wearing cufflinks that have been in a family for a few generations are a lovely way to honor the memory of relatives who have passed on–or to embrace continuity in a family where everyone is still in attendance.

If you’re going shopping for the perfect pair of cufflinks, wait for a pair that really speaks to you; after all, you could be starting your own family tradition

To wear cufflinks, you’ll need a shirt that has cufflink sleeves (which look like two button holes without the buttons). If you really like the look of a dress shirt that has standard button cuffs, don’t worry. You don’t have to narrow your search to a certain cuff type.

Simply take the shirt to an alterations shop or men’s tailor and the specialists there should be able to alter the cuffs for you. 


Are you feeling limited to a certain color tie? Maybe your bride has threatened to call the wedding off if you don’t match her shoes exactly. Maybe your wedding colors are purple and slightly darker purple. Even if you don’t have the whole spectrum at your beck and call, you can still convey a lot of personality in the necktie style you choose. 

Not all neckties are alike. Your tie is a place to really show some personality. Want to experiment with a pattern? Will it be long and narrow, or short and wide? Rough- or smooth-textured material? Heavy or light? Do you want to commission a hand-painted silk tie that brings out your wedding theme?

As long as your tie goes well with the fashion choices of the rest of the bridal party, it’s a blank slate for you to express your style.

Consider the shape of your tie. You can get fancy with an ascot tie, bow tie, bolo tie, cravat, zipper tie, or even a clip-on tie. Different shapes have different connotations. A patterned bow tie might be the perfect choice for a playful, nerdy wedding theme, while a bolo tie would perfectly complement a New Mexico wedding. Try a few on and decide which you like best; you may also end up expanding your everyday wardrobe.

Even with a standard tie, you can get fancy with the knot you choose. From classic options like the Windsor and the Shell Knot, to more complex knots like the Ediety Knot (also known as the Merovingian knot, after it gained fame in The Matrix sequels).

If you enjoy an Origami-style challenge, there’s no better time to pull out your latest folding triumph than on the day of your wedding. Always consider the width, length, and material of your tie before choosing a knot, as some options will be better-suited to your tie than others.


For truly formal occasions, men’s shoes should look sleek and streamlined. Look for black, elegant styles without too much ornate texture, especially if you will be wearing a tuxedo. For less formal weddings, however, you will have more flexibility. Did you decide to wear that bolo tie?

Grab a pair of brand-new cowboy boots to complement it. Feeling bold? You may even decide to match your shoe color to the color of the handkerchief in your pocket; as long as your personality is outgoing enough to outshine your shoes, bold colors are no problem.

Don’t forget footwear accessories like spats! These shoe coverings will add a dash of old-fashioned charm to your outfit and pair well with other distinguished accessories such as a chained pocket watch. Retro styles are gaining popularity again, so if you want to strut around like a billionaire for the day, a pair of spats will make you feel just right. 

Make Yourself Comfortable

The best thing about men’s fashion is that you’ll never feel pressured to squeeze into a pair of toe-pinching high heels or a tight-laced corset gown. Count yourself lucky that the men’s clothing industry has many options to fit your body in style and comfort.

With this in mind, don’t cause yourself stress by trying to put together a costume that just doesn’t feel right for you. Your wedding day is about celebration; both you and your bride should choose fashions that bring out your personalities and make you feel your best.


Lisa is a special needs teacher and a hugger. She always makes time for everyone and lightens up everybody’s lives with her presence. When she is not chasing her students around the yard, she finds time to write about what she truly loves, and you guessed it, its people and relationships.