Keep the Fun Going with a Wedding After Party

Keep the Fun Going with a Wedding After Party

If celebrities can attend after parties following an important awards ceremony, why shouldn’t you throw one after your wedding? An after party is a great way to keep the celebration going and gives you a chance to relive the exciting moments from your wedding ceremony and reception with your guests. Attending a more informal post affair is also a great way to unwind after such as busy day.

Remember that after parties should be stress-free. While you can plan this event in advance, waiting until the last minute and inviting people back to your hotel room or to a nearby restaurant is perfectly acceptable. The key to a great after party is to have fun and connect with those closest to you.

Whom Should I Invite?

Everyone who attends the wedding should be invited to the after party (even if you know they may not be interested). After party invitations are extremely informal, and should be passed along by word of mouth. Enlist your wedding party to let everyone know where and when your after party will be held.

Where Should I Have My After Party?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to planning where your after party should be held. Some couples may decide to hold an after party by a hotel pool, allowing guests the chance to relax and mingle with others, or at a restaurant for some drinks and late night bites. If you have a guest who particularly enjoys the night life and will get the after party going strong, you may consider upgrading him or her to a suite and holding the festivities there.

If you would like to make transportation easier for guests, you can ask your contact person at the wedding venue if they have a separate room where people can gather. This can change the mood from formal to informal in a flash.

Bars or lounges are also a great place to meet up for the after party. While you can call the establishment ahead of time to book a private spot, showing up on the spur of the moment is also acceptable, especially if the party will be on the smaller side, or the venue isn’t too crowded. If you choose this option, you might consider arranging transportation so guests can get loose without having to worry about driving at the end of the night.

What About Decorations?

If you are holding your after party at a hotel or the wedding venue, you can feel free to decorate as you see fit. Consider reusing flowers or decorations from the wedding to create a special party. You could also choose a theme, such as a black and white party or ’80s dance party. Choose music to match your theme.

If your after party is held at a bar or club, there is no reason to decorate. However, you can pass out funny hats or glow sticks to make your guests stand out from the rest of the patrons and to have some fun.

Should There Be Food?

Let’s face it; after all of the dancing and mingling guests have done at your wedding, chances are they might be a little hungry. If your after party is at a private location, you can bring your own food to feed famished friends and family.

If your party is at a bar or restaurant, you could call ahead and order appetizers or other small plates to share with your guests.

Do you have leftover alcohol from the reception? Bringing it to the after party is a great way to keep the festivities going (and to avoid lugging it all home or making other arrangements). At a bar or club, you may consider putting a bottle of alcohol and mixers on your tab so guests can imbibe.

What Should Everyone Wear?

The location of your after party plays a key role in what guests should wear. If you are going out, guests might want to wear something nice; however, if your after party is informal, let guests know so they can change into something more comfortable.

As the bride or groom, you can either choose to wear your gown and tuxedo or change into something else. A fun idea is for the bride to change into another white ensemble and keep the veil, while the groom may wear a tuxedo t-shirt.

How Long Do I Stay?

As long as you want! After parties are casual events; feel free to leave whenever you get tired. Many couples will stay for an hour before leaving to spend the last moments of their wedding day together.

Whatever kind of after party you decide to have, the event is a chance to keep that special day going for just a few hours more. The after party is a fun way to give your favorite people time together to celebrate the most joyous event in any way you see fit.


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