Bridal Tiaras are Perfect for Your Valentines Day Wedding

Bridal Tiaras are Perfect for Your Valentines Day Wedding

Red is a color long known to man. The wavelengths of light that make it up are the longest that can be seen by the human eye. This color is evident daily in our culture on items that we want to stand out, such as stop signs, fire engines and safety lights. It is also a favorite color associated with weddings. A great finishing touch to a Valentines Day wedding is a red bridal tiara.

Red has always been associated with hearts, and as such with love. Most weddings around or on Valentine’s Day have red as the predominant color, or include it as one of several colors. Brides often have themed weddings at this time, wearing a wedding dress in this stunning color. Since brides wearing red do not often wear veils, a red bridal tiara is a great accent to bring out the brides features and hair style.

Red and Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love simply go together. Red is also the color of joy, fertility and of heroism. All of these are more than appropriate for a Valentine celebration. The best part of using a red tiara is that Valentine’s Day offers so many themes for your red tiara.

Your tiara can be designed to be red roses or another flower of your choice with a gold or silver base. Your flowers can be large or small depending on your hairstyle. Your red tiara can be designed with hearts of different sizes and designs.

Your tiara can be several rows of flowers and hearts, or you can reach back into fairy tales and wear a crown adorned with red crystals and gems. A crown tiara is larger than some tiaras and allows more room for designs. Of course, you can also find a tiara that combines more than one theme.

Some tiaras have flowers or hearts done in the color red. Other tiaras use gems and crystals to light up the tiara. Using your red bridal tiara will also give you a handsome heirloom to pass on down to the family. If you have one specially made, it will be even more personal. You could, for example, combine the crests of two families on your tiara.

If you use a veil or head covering, you red tiara will still work very well with this. The red with stand out under the veil and draw attention to your special veil. The red tiara will also look lovely in pictures and blend with the other reds in your wedding and at your reception. Really, a red bridal tiara is a must at a Valentine’s Day wedding.


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