Red Wedding Accessories for Your Valentines Day Wedding

Red Wedding Accessories for Your Valentine’s Day Wedding

From the tip of your red bridal tiara down to your ruby red slippers; if you follow these suggestions, you can truly make your Valentines day wedding special!

The first rule to keep in mind when planning a Valentine’s Day wedding is to ration the red! This means, don’t go overboard with the red theme; red is such a dramatic color that decor can easily take a turn for an overly theatrical or gothic theme if you aren’t careful. To achieve a tasteful balance, keep the color scheme of your wedding traditional and add red accents only where it will pop. Ruby jewels on a tiara are the perfect way to add a strike of red to the classic look of a bride in white.

A bride has many options while shopping for her tiara. Styles range from rhinestone to cubic zirconia to crystal; from dramatic to subtle. It is important to pick out your dress before shopping for the perfect topper to your ensemble. A simpler bridal gown invites the opportunity for a tiara that is dripping in jewels; while heavy beading on a dress will require something that compliments rather than competes.

Most important is that the bride feels comfortable with the tiara and wedding accessories she chooses for her special day. The tiara is meant to be worn for the entire wedding day and to be incorporated into the bride’s hairstyle. If a bride is getting her hair done professionally, she should let her stylist know ahead of time what type of headpiece she intends to wear; and if the bride is doing a hair practice run leading up to the wedding, she should bring the tiara along.

Tiaras compliment any hairstyle, from lavish up-dos to simple long and sleek down styles. If you already have a hairstyle in mind, wear your hair up or down as you would envision it on your wedding day when shopping for your tiara. This will allow you to better decide what fits your total look.

Don’t forget the groom. The bride, with a red bridal tiara may look like the queen of hearts, but we don’t want to leave the groom without a hand to play! A simple red tie and cumber bun will compliment a bejeweled bride nicely. So go ahead and have fun playing dress up – your wedding guests will expect nothing less on the most romantic day of the year.


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