Sparkle and Bubble for a New Years Eve Wedding

Sparkle and Bubble for a New Year’s Eve Wedding

When you plan a wedding for New Year’s Eve, the pressure is on. It’s not your typical springtime afternoon celebration; after all, sunny days come and go all the time. But New Year’s Eve rolls around only once a year. As a bride or groom saying your vows on the last day of the year, you’ve got to make sure your festivities are worthy of your auspicious nuptial date.

Nothing says New Year’s Eve like a bit of sparkle…including the sparkling bubbles in your celebratory champagne. To bring your wedding alive as the year turns over, bring on the bubbles and sparkles in a big way!


Cast a dazzling aura around your feet as you move across the dance floor. Sequins add an undeniable atmosphere of revelry and celebration to your wedding. Add them to your DIY wedding shoes or DIY veil for just a small touch of sparkle. For a bigger fashion statement, wear a completely sequined wedding dress. When layered over a white gown, iridescent sequins add an essence of rainbow hues as you move–unlike silver or gold sequins, which can make you feel like a disco ball.

Glitter Makeup

It’s not enough that your dress shimmers and sparkles when you move. Make sure you save a little pizzazz for yourself, too! If you’re the type of lady who wishes she were born in time to throw a New Year’s Eve bash at the Moulin Rouge, your wedding night is that once-in-a-lifetime event you’ve been looking for!

Don’t hold back when it comes time to choose bridal makeup. Go for the gold! (And silver… and bronze…) From bold faux lashes decorated with Swarovski crystals to a touch of delicate shimmer powder on the cheekbones, your sparkle can be as exaggerated or understated as you like. Just enjoy yourself thoroughly, because tonight you’re the belle of the ball.

Disco Balls

Disco didn’t die in the 1970s, as many would have you believe. Even if you’re playing classical music at your wedding and there’s nary a bell-bottom to be seen, you can still enjoy the sparkles of a few well-placed disco balls. Hang them from your venue’s ceiling or place them on stands around the perimeter of the room. Don’t forget the motor to keep each ball spinning throughout the night! Disco balls reflect whatever light you direct at them, so keep your wedding colors in mind as you choose your lighting scheme.

The best part about decorating with disco balls at your New Year’s Eve wedding? You have the perfect ball to drop at midnight! Get ready for a dramatic photo-op kiss as the ball descends, marking the beginning of the first year of a happy marriage.


It’s hard to explain how a room full of otherwise dignified adults can be charmed into gleeful exclamations by something as simple as soapy water suspended in air. And yet, bubbles have a way of turning any location into an instant fairyland. Add a touch of whimsy to your wedding with a few bubble machines to greet guests as they enter. (Just be sure to place the machines far enough away from the food table that they don’t land and leave soap on the hors d’oeuvres.)

Champagne Toast

The most popular bubbles on New Year’s Eve, of course, are the ones in the champagne. Have bottles and flutes ready and pre-poured just prior to midnight so every guest can hold a glass as the clock chimes. Don’t forget sparkling grape juice as a non-alcoholic option.

A champagne toast, of course, is incomplete without the toast–so be sure you have something suitably romantic up your sleeve. A good theme to start with is how the coming year brings so many happy changes for you. Instead of regular New Year’s resolutions, this year you and your new spouse may wish to read some resolutions to each other along the lines of your wedding vows. What promises do you want to make for your first year of marriage? Give your guests something sweet and romantic to toast!

Plan Ahead; Well Ahead

New Year’s Eve weddings can be tough to schedule, so make sure you give your guests plenty of time to prepare. Send out Save the Date cards as soon as one year in advance. That way, you’ll ensure that your nearest and dearest leave space on their busy holiday calendar for your big day.

When you announce your New Year’s Eve wedding extra-far in advance, you also give your guests a little present. Since booking flights and hotels around the winter holiday season is usually more expensive than usual, anyone who RSVPs and makes their plans extra-early is all set to receive lower booking prices to reward their good planning. It’s a win-win-win for you, your guests, and the airlines too!

The earlier you start planning your New Year’s Eve wedding, the less stress you’ll have as you approach the big day. That way, you can be relaxed and happy as the main event rolls around–and your personality can bubble and sparkle as much as you like.


Lisa is a special needs teacher and a hugger. She always makes time for everyone and lightens up everybody’s lives with her presence. When she is not chasing her students around the yard, she finds time to write about what she truly loves, and you guessed it, its people and relationships.