The Wedding Crasher, is wedding crashing just a fad?

The Wedding Crasher, is wedding crashing just a fad?

Wedding Crashers: The Newest Trend

It isn’t that uncommon for celebrities to receive wedding invitations from couples they’ve never met. Recently, it’s even become a fad of sorts for students to invite celebrities to their proms, or to ask for a famous helping hand in proposing marriage. Despite all the invitations floating around, celebs have been making headlines lately for crashing weddings—or, in Bill Murray’s case, for crashing a bachelor party and a separate engagement shoot just two weeks apart.

Most celebrities have enough cameras following them around that they wouldn’t welcome the extra attention invited by a crashing a stranger’s wedding. In that same vein, most of them are too recognizable to pull off a stunt along the lines of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, who showed the world how the pros do it in 2005’s instant-classic “Wedding Crashers.” So what’s the point of their unannounced, unpaid appearances?

Ego Boost

Everyone needs a little ego boost now and then. For someone with a well-known face, that boost is often easier to attain than it is for us normal folks. Imagine feeling a little bit down in the dumps when you walk by a party where everyone is having a blast. You know that, just by casually sauntering into the room, suddenly all eyes will be on you and your mood will match theirs within a matter of seconds. How could you pass up that opportunity?

Not just anyone can walk into a wedding reception and be warmly welcomed. However, because of that famous face, celebrities are bred with a sense of entitlement. By inviting them into these events without hesitation, we are only furthering that notion—which is okay as long as the bride is fine with sharing her spotlight for a few minutes. Taylor Swift learned the hard way that not every bride is this generous when she was reprimanded for crashing a Kennedy wedding two years ago. (To be fair, she came on the arm of her Kennedy boyfriend-at-the-time who was actually invited, but reports stated the bride’s family was extremely unhappy with her presence after they had specifically asked her not to come.)

A Case of Generosity

Aside from a few public digs at her deserving ex-boyfriends, crashing that wedding was the meanest thing Taylor Swift has ever been caught doing. For those celebrities whose reputation isn’t quite as sparkling as Miss Swift’s, they might take the opportunity to crash a wedding as a way to boost their likability in the public eye. Taking the time out of their very important day to spend a few moments with a group of strangers can come across as kind, and might even show the world that celebrities are just like us in some small ways.

Sometimes it’s not about that reputation at all. They might be few and far between, but there are a few celebrities who humbly know the value of their presence and want to make that couple’s day just a bit more special. After all, it is just a few minutes for them, but it makes a lifetime of differences to the couple whose wedding they’re crashing.

Headline Hungry

Much like stars wearing scandalous clothing to make headlines, sometimes they’ll crash weddings for the exact same reason. Whether they’re encouraged to do so by their publicist in order to keep their name relevant or they make the decision on their own, celebrities know that almost anything they do can become news.

If a B-list actress finds her star slipping, she knows nothing will put her back in the papers quite the same way a “good Samaritan” act of crashing a wedding will—nor as quickly, for that matter. It takes approximately 30 seconds to upload a photo to Instagram these days (and that’s with a slow connection). With the spitfire pace of Twitter and a few other social media platforms, a 3PM wedding crashing can easily still make the evening news.

The Bill Murray Effect

And then we’ve got Bill Murray. Always known as an oddball, this legendary actor has no use for any sort of boost. He sits high in the ranking of Hollywood’s most revered performers, and though we’ve never met, something tells me he could care less about his star falling off the map entirely. So what was he doing doling out advice at that bachelor party, only to subtly slip into a different couple’s engagement portrait two weeks later?

The beauty of Bill Murray is that we may never know. Was he training for a movie? Did he smell the aroma of bacon-wrapped shrimp and decide to step in for a quick snack? Perhaps he popped in simply to remind us that he still is, and always will be, an anomaly.

We’ll never know the true reason any celebrity crashes a wedding. No matter what they say, we have to consider the circumstances and entertain the good possibility that there’s an underlying purpose they’re not sharing with us—or perhaps one their publicist isn’t sharing with them. Regardless of the reason, it’s clear that this trend isn’t going anywhere. So if you’re turned off by the idea of a celebrity crashing your wedding, make security a top priority when booking your wedding venue. I have a feeling putting up a simple “No Celebrities” sign will just encourage any famous passersby to play that good old entitlement card.


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