Tips for giving a wedding toast

Tips for giving a wedding toast

The best wedding toasts are simple and sincere. You don’t have to be funny or impress the guests with your charm and wit. This is about the couple—not you—and the challenge is to decide what you want to say and be able to in the right words. Here are some tips.

Brainstorming for a wedding toast

You may not know both of them well, and that’s okay. If you’re only close to the bride, then just describe how she looks like when she talks about him, or when she first mentioned him to you and what she said.
You may also want to draw on any happy and heartfelt memories that will help the audience see a richer side to their personality.

Narrow down your ideas

Now encircle the memories or points that you want to include in your speech. It’s best to narrow it down to two or three points, as you don’t want your speech to be too long. You may want to expound on those traits by giving an anecdote to support them.

End with a blessing

End on a high note, by congratulating them on the wedding and giving your best wishes. This is after ll their day, and see yourself as the “spkesperson” of the guests and extend your dreams that they have a happy marriage.


This will help you work out the jitters and also finetune what you want to say. But don’t try to memorize the speech. Instead, write down “key points” that can help jog your memory if you’re stuck. Write them down on a small notecard. (Read our tips on how to conquer the jitters.)

When to give the wedding toast

Make sure that everyone’s been served their drinks. Then, call attention by raising your glass—you don’t have to actually bang the glass with a fork.


Act confident and you will feel confident. Stand up straight, make eye contact. Don’t talk too fast—just take a deep breath and you will be okay.