Worst wedding gifts

Worst wedding gifts

Straying from a couple’s registry is risky, unless you happen to be a fabulous artist and know their taste, or their very best friend and know something that would be really useful.

Some people, however, always seem to want their gifts to be really personal, which doesn’t always work out as intended. So, unless you specifically know the couple getting married wants the following items, it’s best to stay safe and work from the registry:

The list below gives you some ideas of what to avoid if you want to maintain you’re relationship with the wedding couple.

China or crystal for which they didn’t register

China and crystal generally belong in a set, so even if you are splurging on what you think is an amazing Waterford vase, it might not have a place in the couple’s home.

Art/home decor

Same concept as above. You might love the folk artist with the eclectic studio near your home, but if you don’t already know the couple appreciates that particular artist, your gift might be found lacking. An exception to this would be if a particular piece of art has special meaning to you and the couple, but even then use your best judgement.

Regifted items

So you received a fabulous Waterford vase for your wedding, but don’t have a place for it in your home? That doesn’t give you an excuse to send it on to the next couple. Besides, regifting has a way of being discovered.

Small appliances

Everytime I see a quesadilla maker in Macy’s, I’m tempted to pick one up, but I have NO space in my kitchen. If the couple didn’t put it on their registry, either they didn’t want it, didn’t have room, or already have one.If you’ve waited until the last minute and there are no decent gifts left on the registry, there’s always the gift of money ..



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