Designer Mother of the Bride Dresses and Gowns

Designer Mother of the Bride Dresses and Gowns

When searching for your mother of the bride dress it is important to consider your personal style and favorite colors as well as what season it is and the sophistication of the wedding. When seeking that perfect gown a number of anxieties could be going through your head. Not all women are a size 2 and not everyone has the monetary means to purchase a designer gown. Some women are larger and need plus sizes while others prefer to get an ideal dress without breaking the bank. Regardless of the worries you have this quick guide will put you at ease.

Some great places to start looking for dresses are David Bridal, Nordstroms, The Bridal Shop, The Evening Store, Bridal Reflections, Macys and much more. Some top notch designer evening dresses to consider if money is not a factor are; Vera Wang of course, La Perle, Jovanni, Cameron Blake, Jade Couture, Olga Kvitko Couture and much more. Some of these designers create specific collections just for mothers of the bride. Dress makers are obviously aware that the bride’s mother is an important role in the wedding and that she needs a magnificently stunning gown. Below are some designers who have done just that.

  • Montage by Mon Cheri
  • Modern Trousseau
  • Sarah Danielle Evenings
  • Val Stefani Special Occasions
  • Rina di Montella
  • Darius Cordell
  • Misty Lane
  • Ben Marc
  • Scala
  • Fifth Sunday
  • Karen Miller
  • Dana Buchman
  • Liz Claiborne
  • Carmen Marc Valvo
  • Richard Metzger
  • Marina Rinaldi

There are many more designers that carry excellent dresses for your occasions. These are just a few designer items and locations you can start looking. A mothers dress does not have to be of designer decent. It could simply be an elegant gown you have stumbled upon. The point is not to buy something because of a label but rather how well it sits on your frame. In a country with 70% of our people on the verge of being overweight or obese you need to see what looks best on your body type.

As I mentioned earlier, it is not a tragedy if you are a larger curvier woman. Designers do make plus size mother of the bride dresses. It is easier to find dresses of this nature than you would believe. A good portion of stores sell larger gowns ranging in sizes 12W-44W. These gowns are also not as pricey as you might have assumed. It is absolutely possible to find a dress in an appropriate price range and size for your body type.

Woman often get nervous and anxious when weddings and high social situations are presented if they are slightly overweight. It is a misconception that woman cannot find dresses in larger sizes. More seamstresses are creating full figured items than ever before. Have no fear ladies there is a dress out there for you and you will look beautiful in it. You don’t have to starve yourself or spend hundreds of dollars. You can find an affordable outfit for your occasion.

Now let me touch on different colors and patterns woman might want to avoid. Plus size ladies should stay away from stripes, black and white colors, checkers or any overwhelming patterns. Generally if you are attending a wedding you are not going to wear a pattern of such sorts anyway but you never know what someone might pick out. When being a curvier woman it is important to not wear things with horizontal or vertical lines/stripes.

This will create a stretched effect and make you look larger than you are. It is generally unflattering and when you see photos later you will be disappointed. As with regular mother of the bride dresses you want to avoid strong colors such as black, white and red. These three colors are bold and draw too much focus on you and you don’t want to take attention away from the bride.

Don’t purchase evening gowns that are shapeless. This will cause you to look like you are wearing a potato sack. It will deceive people of your true shape but will still make you look large and unflattering. A proper full fitting bra is also an essential item for a plus size mother of the bride. This will keep the girls in and form a sexy shape. Since your dress should not be skin tight this will give you extra form you’re looking for.

Now to recap here is a list of things you want to avoid:

  • Vertical stripes
  • Horizontal stripes
  • Dark Colors
  • Patterns & Prints

So overall, mothers of the bride to be can find their ideal dress without it being a task from hell. Whether you’re big, small or in between your perfect gown is out there. Don’t be shy

and try on new things. Don’t stick to all the same styles and colors. Go out of your element and you might be surprised by how flattering and sexy a dress might look. Designer plus size mother of the bride dresses are out there and more available than you’d think. Don’t stress, relax and breathe and your experience will be an enjoyable one.


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