How much should you spend on green wedding favors?

How much should you spend on green wedding favors?

There is no set rule about the specific amount you should spend on wedding favors. It’s going to vary greatly wedding to wedding, and while you don’t have to give favors, it’s a nice touch, especially if you are accepting wedding gifts (which you also don’t have to do).

Planning how much to spend

Some say to plan on spending about 3% of your total wedding budget on favors, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. It might be better to simply look at your budget and after the ceremony, cake, dress and other items you consider super essential, see what’s left-over for favors.

You can also play with different amounts based on your guest list.  Obviously your guest list is going to weigh in big time. For example, if you spend $3 a favor on 150 guests that’s $450, but if that guest list grows to 300 guests, you’re looking at $900 for favors.

300 guests is likely high though. The Wedding Reports notes that average number of guests attending a 2020 wedding was 138, but still you get the picture – the more guests the higher the costs.

Green favors are a bit different

Eco-friendly wedding favors do often cost more than their conventional counterparts, but keep in mind you get what you pay for.

Example –> you can get wrapped Hershey wedding bars for around $1 a pop, but Hershey supports child labor and is non-organic and GMO. Candy from an ethical company who pays their workers fairy and uses organic ingredients and green business practices will almost always cost more, but if your goal is a green and/or ethical wedding, it makes sense to pay more in some cases.


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